The Restart


Me! Today!

This is not the start of my weight loss journey, it’s the restart. The start of my journey was in the middle of 2011 where I weighed in at 77.7kg. I’m a tiny, vertically challenged person, as in 1.58m tall, so carrying that weight around was not only exhausting, it was unhealthy and I was over it (my healthy weight range is between 54 and 64kg to put it in perspective). I started Weight Watchers and with it I lost 18.8kgs to reach a weight of 58.9kg becoming a lifetime member at the end of 2012. I was so proud of my body and my efforts, I still am today. Then came surgery to fix up a constantly dislocating shoulder, exercising stopped because of it, I ate way too much pizza and gelato on a European adventure and ended up putting on 10kg. Which I’m a little embarrassed about, but I’m making the effort to restart and refocus now which is what is important. Looking at the overall picture instead of focusing on those little bumps in the road is the most challenging but the most integral part of a weight loss journey; this is just the start of my healthy life.

Six weeks ago I went back to Weight Watchers with my head held high and weighed in at 68.3kg. Not too upsetting, but bad enough to warrant getting back on track. Last week I weighed in at 67.4kg. I’ve been taking it really slow, it’s about time I upped my game. My big goal is to get down to 59kg by November 12th 2014, that’s a total of 8.4kg and just over two months away. I have little milestones to achieve: losing 5% of my starting weight to get to 65kg and 10% to get to 62kg. Breaking down the big goal into milestones with rewards is a really helpful way to focus your efforts, especially if you have a lot to lose. I’m still thinking about rewards… I just want all the material possessions ok?


I also have one big exercise goal, and that is to be active every single day. Breaking that down, I am challenging myself to cardio three times a week, toning exercises three times a week and stretching two times + a week. I am really good with my eating habits, but I am shocking with my motivation to exercise. So, I will make a plan, post it up here soon, and stick to it. Being active is fun guys! Right?!

These goals are in no way terrifying or impossible; I don’t want to run like an athlete, I don’t want to be able to lift 100kg at the gym, I’m never going to be model thin and I would never want to! I mean, check out my bootaaaaaay, why would I want to lose that?? I do want to feel comfortable in my own skin again, to feel fit and healthy and to wear a bikini on the beach this summer with pride. Oh, and I want to fit my size 9 high-waisted, blue Wrangler jeans again… they are beautiful, just sayin’.



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