Monday Musings #2


Above is a diagram of some courtyards, that’s Masters level architecture yo… On a serious note, I am full of adrenaline and pumping out work like a little machine because I have very little time and my big ass design hand-in is next Thursday. At least I have this diagram, and a plan. That’s better than no diagram and no plan, so, let’s stay positive!

Everything has suddenly clicked into place and it feels great. University is crazy hectic but I feel in control and I have been boosting the healthy eating and exercise this week. I have been planning what to eat a day in advance, allowing for some flexibility and I have been tracking what I eat every day. On top of that I have upped my exercise game, slightly deviating from the plan I made. I have challenged myself to a big, uphill walk every other day and I have achieved three this week!! Two 45 minute walks and one massive two hour one (that was with a friend, we chatted, a lot). I am so, so proud and I feel so good. In addition to the walking I am doing this 30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge from 30 Day Fitness Challenges which is pretty fun. Except the burpees… I do not like burpees.

I realised very quickly with this whole losing weight again thing that I need little challenges to keep myself motivated. So, at the moment I have those two exercise challenges and with my eating I am trying to stick to my 26 daily ProPoints without going over, unless I really want to – making sure I write it all down (I do Weight Watchers). That’s pretty tough, but I think it will make a huge difference to the scales! Here’s hoping. Regardless, I feel brilliant, healthy and happy. And that’s all I really need.

Absolutely loving how big booties are the theme of so many a terrible pop song at the moment, here’s my current guilty pleasure



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