Weightloss Wednesdays #2 (belated)


I wish I could be all positive and just say, “a loss is a loss”, but I was pretty disappointed by this week’s weigh in. I can’t expect everything to change instantly even though I have had one good week, and I’ve been trying really hard not to give up and slip up in my annoyance that this number on the scales just won’t seem to shift – 67.5kg – I have lost 800g in 8 weeks. I had a discussion with my leader after my weigh in because I’m frustrated. Really frustrated. She gave me several reasons what could be going on and some solutions:

1 – Upping my exercise so much and not increasing how much I’m eating can cause too much of an imbalance which my body is trying to resist, hence why I’m not seeing an instant result. If I keep eating well, listening to my body if I need to eat a little more and continue to exercise regularly eventually the scales will show it.

2 – I don’t have the same motivation I had when I started losing weight. This is so true. My motivation to lose weight initially came from continuously shuddering at the sight of my body in the mirror and photos, not being able to fit my size 14 jeans and feeling bloated, tired and uncomfortable. I was determined, and the weight came off easily. I feel fine with my body at the moment, I just wish I was back to my goal weight which is actually 62kg, not 59kg. So really, that’s only 5.5kg plus that little extra. It’s not much, so I don’t feel that bad, so I don’t feel that motivated. I need to rediscover my spark, my edge and my determination. Before photos and that number just aren’t enough – perhaps a new goal to feel and look healthy, fit and toned is a new direction for me – instead of the number on the scales.

3 – My body is used to the way I eat and the way I exercise, seeing as I have maintained this weight for so long. My leader suggested trying to eat simple, clean, fresh low GI food (which Weight Watchers call Filling and Healthy foods) and listening to my body’s hunger signals, whilst limiting the treats I like to squeeze in to my diet. I like Weight Watchers for the incredible flexibility, but I agree that I’m not eating the healthiest foods that will fuel my body properly. So, after one more week with my normal WW plan, I will transition to this new way of eating and let you know how I go!

I feel so much better just writing this down! A loss is a loss, and a journey is sometimes a long one with lots of up and downs and pit stops – it’s all going to be okay, I just have to keep at it and maybe change a few little things.

Will update you on how I go next week! Yeah! Motivation!



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