Monday Musings #3

My week has been insane! Both fantastic insane and just plain crazy insane. Good crazy? I went to Melbourne with one of my best friends! It was absolutely brilliant. Full of buildings, beer, banter, food and exploring, with a bit of hipster spotting thrown in for good measure. A wonderful weekend, but at the worst timing – right in the last week of my final design project. But it worked, somehow.

I worked solidly up until the day I left then forgot all my worries when I stepped on the plane, then as soon as we got back I headed back to uni and powered through, barely stopping to sleep until I handed in on Thursday. I did it!! And it was so worth it, I wouldn’t have changed going away for anything. In a tiny, little town like Wellington, sometimes it is very nice to get away and escape.

I am proud of my design too. I built a design on the computer for the first time, snaps for me. I am not super proud of the presentation, and I could have developed the building a lot more, but there wasn’t much more I could have done in the time we had. It’s handed in and now I feel like I should be going to Melbourne, again, because I love Melbourne now. Take me back!!



In food news, I have probably eaten my weight in delightful meals overseas, and then last week I don’t even know what I ate. Probably crap. So, today marks a fresh start to get back on track. Going to try out Weight Watchers’ Simple Start, which is basically a refined, easy to use eating plan based around their Filling and Healthy Foods list (low GI, good for you foods). I will do a write up on why I follow Weight Watchers at some point, as well as some basic info. I cannot recommend it enough!

Anyway, Melbourne was great, I have little motivation to do anything, so I am going to… draw details or clean my room or supermarket shop or something! Need to do something to justify the stellar amounts of Parks and Recreation I will watch tonight. Love it.





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