23 for 23


In just under an hour I will be turning 23. It’s the first time in my life I actually feel like I’m a year older and like I’m actually a grown up (despite my unhealthy selfie habit). I am very excited to embark on the next year of my life, I feel like it will be a good ‘un. Listening to Taylor Swift’s 22 on repeat, I compiled this list, in no particular order, of 23 things I would like to accomplish in my year of being a 23 year old. 23 for 23!

1. Create the most beautiful, interesting and well researched thesis

2. Run a 10km fun run!

3. Hold an exhibtion of my work

4. Record an EP (or at least one of my songs well)

5. Lose 10kgs and maintain it; feel fit, healthy and amazing

6. Write a letter to someone I love, once a month

7. Perform at a gig

8. Get a piece of writing published

9. Finish my portfolio of work

10. Start networking; network, network, network

11. Create and publish a zine

12. Start an architectural blog

13. Apply to intern at Archdaily

14. Read 10 books

15. Host a dinner party

16. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere! Be good!

17. Print and frame my architecture photos from Nepal, Tibet and Europe

18. Join Architecture + Women NZ and NAWIC

19. Learn how to make ice cream

20. Learn how to bake bread

21. Learn how to knit

22. Plan a new overseas adventure

23. HAVE FUN!!!

For this last half an hour though,“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…”



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