I have this weird obsession with following vegan foodies on Instagram. I adore food, I adore looking at food, and vegans seem to be really good at taking photos of what they eat – even though the majority seem to exist on a steady diet of pretty smoothies, pretty pancakes and HUGE quantities of pretty banana ice cream. I love banana ice cream, but I have no idea how these guys manage to eat so much of it, especially when it’s overflowing from a mason jar – how does it not go everywhere?! (if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, see HERE)

Recently, tea detoxes have been popping up on my feed, and I’ve been very intrigued by them; to the point that I have been on the verge of purchasing some online several times this week. Yet, my cynical personality keeps piping up with cries of, “don’t even bother, it’s probably just a fad and it’s not sustainable anyway’. In retort, however, the way I’m living at the moment isn’t sustainable either; I am tired, overweight, bloated, more jelly than muscle (or more accurately, more brownie than muscle). The reason? Because I don’t take care of myself. I trick myself into feeling happy and loved by fuelling my body with cake, sugar and coffee. I count walking to work as a workout. The truth is, I am starting to see what I have been hiding from myself for so long; I am overweight and unfit and I don’t like it!

There is a direct correlation between my self-confidence and my happiness and at the moment I am both self-loathing and unhappy. It is time to start showing my body a bit of love by treating it to foods that will make it thrive; leafy greens, delicious fruit, wholegrains, legumes and small amounts of dairy, nuts and lean meat. I am also starting to run again, trying out Pilates and I’m going to return to hip-hop and yoga classes; I even treated myself to a new pair of shoes. Oh, and for the next two weeks I’m cleansing my body with some detox tea from Wellington Apothecary, because the cynic has been silenced by the hype; will let you know how it goes.

Maybe that digital imagery of banana ice cream is slowly altering my subconscious and one day I will wake up and hate cream, eggs, cheese and honey! Ahahaha never, ice cream is my everything.





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