Forgotten Brownies

IMG_20150112_104813(Saturday night feast)

The easiest person to lie to is yourself. Huge statement to open with, but it’s super easy to say things like “I didn’t eat that brownie” or “I walked today, which counts as working out, so I definitely deserve this burger and fries” or “I’m eating healthy everyday, why am I not losing weight? I don’t understand…” In reality, you did eat that brownie, walking to work does NOT count as working out and you’re eating healthy? Do 6 mini cookies and a scoop of ice cream count as healthy? Um, no. Going from previous experience, and from lots of reading, the best way to be honest with yourself, and therefore lose weight, is to write EVERYTHING you eat down. Including that forgotten brownie.

I kept a food diary last week to see why I haven’t been losing weight. In my mind I was being really healthy, but looking back at my week it is so obvious that I have been really good at lying to myself. Sure, the majority of the time I was doing great, but as soon as I entered a social situation I’d be treating myself to burgers, fries and sugar-laden drinks. Not that eating burgers and fries is a terrible thing, but moderation is key, and three times in one week is not moderation. It hasn’t been easy, as there have been a lot of social events to navigate, but I’m not actually trying very hard; see a deliciously healthy option, but go for the burger instead – that’s not trying!

Here’s a typical day for me last week:
B/F: Fruit with yoghurt and honey / avocado on wholegrain toast / PB, banana and honey on toast
Snack: Bliss balls or small handful of nuts with tea
Lunch: Sushi (salmon and avocado/prawn) or a salad (usually chickpeas, salad veg and avocado) or a sandwich (w.g. bread with avocado, feta and veg)
Snack: Trim latte and fruit
Dinner: Burger, fries and soda or a salad/roast veg
Dessert: Either fruit or something delicious (I ate out four times… I love dessert)

Overall, I am eating well. But I did have too many treats and I didn’t exercise (I subluxed my shoulder, so I couldn’t actually exercise, but hey).

Here are some things I have noted were problems that I want to work on this week:
1. Never get hungry. Being hungry leads to poor food decisions.
2. Social situations are a danger zone for me. Just because everyone else is eating fries, dessert and other not so great things doesn’t mean I have to indulge too! I will make good choices when I go out; picking nutrient dense, well cooked foods OR use my treat meal – see below.
3. I have far too many treat foods. Anything from cakes to burgers. For me, I think it will be good to limit myself to one treat meal and one treat cake/dessert/chocolate type thing a week. I need to retrain myself into eating well almost all of the time and keeping treats for treats. Enjoy those treats though!
4. As I’m not drinking alcohol, I’m filling the void with sugary sodas instead. I’m going to stick to sparkling water and diet sodas from now on, keeping sugar filled drinks for treats.
5. Exercise and Low GI foods make me feel great. So, obviously I should do more exercise and eat more low GI foods! My goal is to be active every day this week.

I have quite a few things to work on, but I see it as retraining myself into a healthy lifestyle. This is setting me up for a healthy life.

Oh! Detox tea tastes delicious, don’t think it is doing anything though. Who knows, my insides might look squeaky clean? Yum. Cue the beats…




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