Surviving The Instant Gratification World


One thing I have been struggling with recently is keeping focused and positive on my steady weight loss journey. It is all too easy to want that number on the scales to instantly change overnight, to wish that you’ll wake up tomorrow and all your clothes will fall off you or hope that you’ll blink and suddenly you’ll become tall, fit and tanned (or, is that just me?). I am a child of the instant gratification world. Information is at my fingertips 24/7. If I want something, I can buy it (if I was rich, but hey). It is all too easy to get sucked into the world of detoxes, juice fasts and quick fixes, even if you know that they are neither sustainable nor healthy.

I really struggle with this. I am incredibly impatient. But, from previous experience, I know that losing weight takes time and I just need to force myself to relax. If you are struggling with this also, here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay focused on your healthy life journey.

1. Map your journey. Write down your weight once a week, draw a chart up, take measurements, take photos every week or map your fitness levels. Some weeks you are going to lose a lot, some weeks you won’t lose anything, some weeks you’ll even gain. It’s hard in those moments to keep going and stay positive, I know. If you have a record of everything you have achieved you can reflect and see how good you have been doing! A gain of 300g one week in the scheme of a month of losses is nothing. Chances are, on average, you will have been doing perfectly. Map and track!

2. Enjoy the learning, be thirsty for new knowledge. This is the first step in creating a healthy life for yourself! Read, research, become an expert on health. Just like it doesn’t take 30 days to earn a tertiary degree, it’s not going to take you 30 days to become healthy and fit. Rejoice in the new skills, habits and learning you have picked up on your journey. Share it with others.

3. Treat yourself, make yourself look and feel good. This sounds vain, but it’s important. As you lose weight and your clothes start to become too big, you’re going to be swimming in those baggy tees and you won’t see your good work! Treat yourself to a new outfit, a new haircut, a pair of shoes. Take the time to get ready in the morning and love yourself. Seriously, you are beautiful and you deserve to look amazing! You can even take a selfie (I would).

4. Try something new. Try a new recipe, go to a new restaurant, and try a new exercise routine. Sometimes weight loss is boring, you get stuck in routines of the same breakfasts, same workouts and the same foods. Source new ideas and try them out to keep yourself interested!

5. Know that a journey can take a while, and instant fixes don’t work. Keep telling yourself this. Detoxes, juice fasts and the rest are not sustainable and they are unhealthy. Sure, quick fixes work for a minute amount of time, but in the scheme of your lifetime they are just a waste of time. Enjoy your journey! I have been on my journey for three years now. I have lost a reasonable amount of weight (18kg) and gained back some of it back, now I’m losing it again. I have learnt so much about not only nutrition, exercise and health, but I have also learnt a lot about myself. Enjoy the time it takes to become an expert, to see the changes in your body and your mind.

If you get stuck beating yourself up, or almost get sucked into an instant gratification mindset, pick a tip from this guide and give it a try. Remember, you are wonderful and you are smart for taking the long route!


PS Quick update – last week I lost 1.4kg! Which rounds up my total weight loss so far to 2.1kg over two weeks. This is a steady loss, averaging at a loss of 1kg a week (for healthy weight loss you should aim to lose between 0.5kg and 1kg per week). I know I said I wouldn’t be focusing on the number on the scale, but I’m pretty proud.


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