Update #2

Hey friends! How are we today? Living happily and healthily I hope! Here’s a quick update.



  • I’ve been really, really hungry this week. I have no idea what it is, but I’ve been unable to stop eating!
  • I’ve made some not so wise food choices and had a few too many treats. I’ve also got into a bad daily coffee habit. The heat in Wellington has been unbearable at night, so I haven’t been sleeping very well, therefore I’ve been relying on caffeine. Not good.
  • Because of my lack of sleep, my mood has been a little low. I’m recognising that this is okay; I can’t be happy all the time, but I do tend to reach for treats when I’m sad, so I’m trying to relax, do some breathing and refocus instead of reaching for that ice cream!



  • I have been continuing to follow the Blogilates Beginner Calendar which is amazing. This week is the first week that I’ve been able to complete the routines without giving up!
  • It may be my imagination, but I feel like I look stronger and leaner already.
  • I have noticed that as soon as I exercise I am way happier and calmer, so that is some serious motivation to keep moving!





  • I gained 800g this week! Which was really upsetting and threw me off track. I’m almost tempted to not weigh myself, because when I have gains I get really down and tend to want to give up. Perhaps I should do a photo journey and track my mood and exercise instead? What do you guys do to track your progress?


  • Establish a good evening routine to get to sleep better; go to bed early and wake up early!
  • Re-establish my good eating habits.
  • I’m going away to a wedding this weekend, so my goal is to not eat everything!!! I’m also going to make sure I have my Blogilates exercises written down in case there is no Wi-Fi at the hotel. Will definitely be bringing my exercise gear with me!

Be confident, be happy and be brilliant! This is your week!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. You can do this! You can. One day, one step at a time.
    I lost 70 pounds with Gods help


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