My best friend and I on the happiest of days

Oh guys, I’m almost considering changing the direction of my blog again because although I want this to be a tracker of my weight loss progress I just like talking to you about my life. And I’m not really taking my weight loss that seriously anymore, because I really don’t care that much about my weight at the moment. Perhaps I need to make it an online journal again and just write about what I want to write? Any ideas on what you guys want to read, let me know in the comments below.

Anyway, in complete contrast to the post that I wrote the other week, this post is all about positive loveliness. Imagine a big bowl of warm chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a bunch of sprinkles on it and all over your face. That’s how this post would taste if it was a food. Which obviously it is not, but hey, girl can dream.

I’m happy!! I started back at university last week and I met my supervisors who are two super rad, intelligent ladies who seem to like me and what I’m up to. I’m starting to get my head around what I’m going to be researching for the year. I started tutoring two papers and it feels like something I was born to do. I love teaching! I also moved home and it feels great to have a support network when I need it; my Dad even painted my dark, dingy room bright white upon my request… I’m such a princess… Oh! And I went to two music festivals yesterday with my lovely best friends, Nat and Emma. I am living the dream.

Of course, there is another reason why I am happy. And it has to do with affairs of the heart. Ah, that classic moment when you’re finally content with being on your own and then BAM, guy steals your heart. I mean, remember the post I wrote about a month ago about being content on my own? That’s about the time I met this man. I think I should write out a play by play of our journey so far ‘cause everyone loves a romance story. Yeah, let’s do that.

So, this guy works at my favourite local coffee haunt and I kind of had a little pretend crush on him which developed into a full blown crush over a few weeks. I noticed I was going into the café almost every day hoping to have a rushed conversation over the counter with him. I sneakily found out his name and then one day I just decided to brave it and ask him out on a date. Scribbled note in hand I walked into the café, threw the piece of paper at him and ran away!!

Apparently he didn’t think my stalker-ish behaviour was that strange (he’s obviously crazy too), and he wanted to have a drink with me. So we did, and we talked into the night and ended up stargazing. We chat almost daily and we just had a second date in the sunshine with ice cream, so I’m a happy girl.

I like him. Problem is, I am not subtle about it at all. I’m very good at playing cold and aloof with guys I don’t like, which ends up with them falling in love with me (annoying). But when I actually like someone I am girly and cute and incredibly forward, which I am pretty sure is not attractive to most men. I just can’t be bothered playing games and I don’t want to act like I don’t care when I do. I’m scared I’m going to scare him off and appear needy, when in reality I’m just showing him that I like him very, very obviously.

Who knows? For now I am content. Learning how to trust after what happened last year is a difficult thing for me, and this is definitely a big learning experience. If it is just that, and that is what I take away from it, then so be it.

Thesis. Tutoring. Festivals. Butterflies in my tummy. Sunny days. Lovely guy. These are all things that are making me happy at the moment. What are your happy things?



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