Striving to be Healthy as a Student AKA Help! How Do I Stop Buying Cake?!

I have a problem. A serious problem. I’m addicted to cake.

You may laugh, you may scoff at my inability to control myself around oozing, glossy icing and sweet, sweet carbs. You may just think, well, this girl is whack. Is that a photo of her eating the cake she’s complaining about? She cray, I’m out.

Don’t leave me! I’m still sane, promise.

Studying architecture is a bitch. Being a creative means lots of restless sleeps, early starts, late nights and constant anxiety. Or at least that’s what being a creative means for me. In any case, as I become more and more sleep deprived, I require more and more coffee, which means standing in line in front of a cabinet full of freshly baked treats calling out to me, “Anneke, take me home! I love you! You’re so pretty!” Then my resolve to be healthy crumbles, because treats, and coffee comes inevitably accompanied with a brownie/slice/slice of cake.

I need to stop with the cake, because it does absolutely nothing for me, except make me feel warm and fuzzy and happily chubby… AND TERRIBLE. ANNEKE. TERRIBLE.


Here are 5 tips to stay healthy as a student:

  1. Pick a day to cook up a batch of something to take with you for lunches for the week. It could be a massive salad, or a bunch of salad in jars, or even little savoury muffins. If you are prepared to be healthy you are more likely to eat healthy. Leftover dinner is great too, especially in the colder months; get yourself some good containers.
  2. Take fruit and smart snacks with you to class. As with above, if you’re hungry your options will be fairly limited. Stay full, stay healthy, stay happy. Check out The Minimalist Baker for tasty snack ideas, like these granola bars.
  3. When you are stressed out, or stuck on your project, go for a walk. Get some fresh air, avoid cafes!! You are so much more likely to give in to emotional eating when you are stressed or upset and you’re staring at cake. Take the time to refocus and get your blood moving, trust me, you will feel so much better. If you’re by the sea, go sit and look at it. The sea is a better friend than cake.
  4. Unwind at night. University takes balance, and if you are a creative like me you will find it incredibly hard to get your brain to slow down in the evening. Turn off your computer a few hours before bed, hide your phone, read. Even if you just read for half an hour, your brain will probably settle down. Also, keep a notebook by your bed so you can jot down ideas in that weirdly creative space just before you fall asleep. Then you’ll actually be able to sleep instead of designing your entire thesis at 3am… This will prevent tired, mindless/caffeine fuelled eating the next day. Also, even if you sleep in, eat a good breakfast. Breakfast is your buddy.
  5. Sometimes you just need cake, and preferably with a friend, but try to limit it to once a week and share the love with a buddy. If you are single you are probably lacking affection, and a cake is like a big, carb-y hug when you need it (I’m an expert). Make it a treat, but don’t stuff your face with it everyday.

Stay healthy, stay sane.

I will endeavour to follow my sage advice and kick that cakes butt!

But seriously though, cake <3.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. almond and oat. says:

    hilarious. so relatable!


    1. mynameinbold says:

      Thank you! I do actually think I have an addiction. Got to learn to be more strict with myself/never go near cake again!


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