Hello New Followers!

I am very excited, because in the past 24 hours I have gained so many new readers and followers! Welcome. Be prepared to learn a WHOLE lot more about me.

Before now, my faithful few readers out there have had the joy of reading a relatively private reflection on an extremely public platform, but I had a massively brave moment and decided to share this project with my friends and family. I have had so many kind and sweet words of support from people I love and respect; to you, thank you for supporting me and this blog. I adore writing it, and I can’t wait to keep making it better, more exciting and I’m feeling encouraged to keep improving my design and written work.

If you are a new reader, be sure to check out the drop down menu that has my ABOUT page which explains what this blog is all about. There are a couple of other interesting pages up there too, so have a read. You can also subscribe to email updates.

I now have a Facebook page, which you should go to and LIKE by clicking HERE. The page is connected up to the blog, so whenever I post it will come up on your feed. I’m like, so totally social media savvy now. 2015 whaddup.

I’m a very blessed, very happy gal.





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