I Ate All The Cake.

Happy Sunday! I love Sundays. Sunday is the perfect match with my lazy, sunshine-y personality. Today was especially grand because it started at my new friend’s flat drinking fancy coffee, eating croissants and discussing random, fun things; Breakfast Club, yes. Then I had work and it was raining and I was warm and snuggly. I returned home to oliebollen (Dutch donuts) and, just joy!

Anyway, enough gloating about how lovely I am feeling, it’s time for a Sunday Update.


Food & Exercise 


I have eaten so much junk food this week. My bank statement reads as a directory for Wellington’s top cafes. I know why I’ve been treating my body badly; I’ve been overworking myself, having unsettled sleeps and drinking too much coffee. Which all leads to comfort eating in the form of cake.

I had the best time at hip hop this week, I am getting way more badass and more coordinated; no more random flinging arms and weird steps. Champ. I also managed to walk up the hill to university without swimming in a sea of sweat and clinging to someone for dear life. I call that a success!


Weekly Goals



Treat my body kindly and fuel it with good foods; I’m going to make some bliss balls and a big salad to eat throughout the week. Pretty, tasty, nibbly food is the best. No more cake/only a little bit of cake for this one. I want to get back into running and Pilates, so I have drawn up a little exercise plan to keep my focus. I love running. I know, I’m weird.





I’ve been overly tired, stressed and treating my body pretty poorly, so my mind is a little bit frazzled. Anxiety took over the other day, resulting in me withdrawing into myself. I was so exhausted that last night I was in bed by 9pm. I’m glad I listened to my body and my mind, because after 10 hours of sleep I feel like a new human. Sleep = good.

 Weekly Goals



I need to force myself to relax and calm down before bed; think breathing deeply, a big mug of herbal tea and a good book. I also need to avoid caffeine in the afternoons because it’s disrupting my sleep patterns, and makes me a hyperactive terror. Sleep, socialising, good food and exercise makes for a happy, healthy mind.

[ This week it is all about balance. ]

Um, but guys. On a super positive note, you are all AMAZING! I went from 20 followers to 99 followers overnight. It’s like a big warm hug from the virtual world. I hope this insight into the mind of a 20 something girl with big dreams and ambitions, a love for life and an aim to become a healthy, sane adult is interesting and fun to read. I want that occasional laugh, and a big connection.




I want to help people understand that being healthy does not mean being thin, it is about caring for your body and mind in the best way for you. I also want to shatter the stigma of mental illness, because I think you’ll be surprised just how many happy, friendly people are struggling under the surface. Really, it is a slight chemical imbalance that negatively affects the way we function in day to day life. We just sometimes need a hug, a chat, a big sleep, maybe a doctor and a friend.

Enjoy your evening, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a post entitled “Dating My Friends” Because yeah, I’m the coolest person you’ll ever know…





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