Dating My Friends

There has been a little bit of speculation as to what this post would be about. Someone thought I was going to write a post about a crush I have. Does that sound like something I’d do? Yeah, it totally does. But, no. Another thought I was going to try to advertise for people to date my friends. They don’t need my help. Or do they……?


This post is about the joys of going out on dates with my friends and how much I love these people who keep me sane and happy.

I adore my friends. I often joke about how they should just be my boyfriend/how we should get married/how they are basically my wife/how we are soul mates/have Jedi mind connections. I “married” my best friend Steph when I was 14 and I still call her my boo. Emma is basically my boyfriend, judging by how often I text her, call her, laugh with her and cry on her shoulder. My friend Nat and I used to be mistaken for a couple because she had short hair and I told her I loved her loudly in public. We ran with it and celebrated our five year friend-anniversary a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty cute.



That’s true love.


My best friends are my substitute family. They are the loves of my life. And I date them.

Now by date, I do mean date. I’m talking fancy dinners and art-house movies and candlelit cocktails. I’m talking about walks along the waterfront to get gelato. I’m talking about curling up in bed together to watch a movie with mouthfuls of Maltesers or chilling on the couch with a beer in hand watching Top Gear. I love dates. My friends are the best people to go on dates with because we can just relax. And you know me, I’m super chill.

I am probably a bit too affectionate with my friends; cuddles, hugs, multiple kisses on faces, boozy hand holding and declarations of love. Although, the majority of my friends don’t actually like me doing this, I still do it anyway.




Weirdly, I used to hate affection. My parents ended up forcing me to hug them goodbye in the morning in order to get me used to physical contact. I also had to kiss them goodnight. I was 17.


It worked and now I love hugs so much that I must have them every single day. I am lucky that my friends want to hug me back because I’m pretty sure I would wither away without cuddles. No joke. It is a serious need. It’s probably why I still have a teddy bear at 23… Ugh, anyone want to be my cuddle buddy?




I learnt very young that I am an extrovert and I need social contact to recharge and to be happy. I think this is why I always want to kiss people on the face. I am trying to absorb energy or something. (This doesn’t apply to everyone. If you are a guy and I ever kiss you full on the face you are not my friend. Just to make that clear.)

Does anyone else do this dating their friends thing? I hope that I am not the only one on this planet who goes on dates with and declares their love for their friends. I hope that one day I will be able to cuddle up to someone who will be both my best friend and my boyfriend. Until that day though, I will just have to cuddle up to my lovely besties and Chaucer, my bear.

And I’m completely happy with that.



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