10 Ways To Make A Guy Like You


Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal

  1. Talk to them every single day, all the time. Do not give them the chance to think about anyone else, only you. Helps if you add 100 emojis to every second text. Ones that are not applicable to the situation work best. My favourite is the donut. Weird waving hands with magic is good too.
  2. Ask for hugs at least six times a day. Preferably ten. Always do some weird bro hug when you finally get one though; you don’t want to make them think that you want to actually hug them even though you begged for one 6 times, probably 10.
  3. Be mean to them. Tell them they are annoying, they are too skinny, they have weird hair, they talk too much, they drink their coffee wrong.
  4. Randomly switch one day to being super lovely and kind. Draw them a picture and tell them they made your week. Keep them on their toes.
  5. Brag about how amazing you are on a daily basis. This can be anything from saying how intelligent you are to how many countries you’ve visited. Drop in an occasional quip about how cute you are too.
  6. Take them to the coffee shop where that guy you dated that one time works.
  7. Be sure to discuss in depth the relationship that you could possibly have before it actually goes anywhere, because, surprises and suspense and thrills are no fun. Obviously you want serious, now.
  8. Tell them how weird you are. Drop in casual lines about playing D&D and making fake blood that one time.
  9. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Don’t ever have a proper conversation. It must only be giggles and play fighting and hair tosses.
  10. Pester them until they die.

Disclaimer: This list was made with the help of 100% sarcasm.

When I start to develop feelings for someone I act like an idiot because I am terrified. I don’t have the courage to put my heart in a vulnerable position and just let things be because if they do develop I am more likely to get hurt. I am becoming exceptionally good at pushing people away in order to protect my heart. Like Mindy, I pester my crushes until they die (side note, I think I’m in love with her #crush). But, I’m learning that it is more hurtful ending something before it begins than just relaxing into the unknown. Your heart’s safety may not be worth losing someone you care about. I need to learn to trust or I am going to end up a bitter, twisted young lady with 20 cats and a Mindy Project addiction.

Here is a real list on how you should really get a guy to like you:

1. Be yourself.
2. If he doesn’t like you for who you are and he makes you cry, punch him in the face.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    I love the real list number 2. These lists made me laugh.


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