The Week That Was

I made it through the week! And man. What a week it was. A mess of tutoring, work, presentations, serious conversations with a boy, sleepless nights and grinding of teeth but then it ended with a sweet dinner, a wonderful girls night out (at a big party at some dingy house – my favourite kind of party) and one of the most brilliant carnivals that Wellington has put on: Cuba Dupa. I love festivals. If there is one way to cheer me up it’s by filling a street with the weird and wonderful people of Wellington, top bands and exceptional food. Heaven.


Cuba Dupa being spectacular.

So I am ending this week a happy kind of exhausted and looking forward to my long weekend next weekend – CHOCOLATE AND HOT CROSS BUNS. GUYS. BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR. Thank Jesus. Get it. Ha.

Update time!

Food & Exercise


Basically I ate everything and that’s all you need to know. And lots of dark chocolate peanut butter (which is good for you, right?). I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of working far too hard, stressing out, not sleeping enough and therefore eating everything in my path and fuelling my body with coffee. I weighed myself this morning, that wasn’t fun. Don’t let me do that again.

Walking and sideways jogging? The exercise plan didn’t work because I was too busy worrying about silly things. At least I did move and didn’t just sit all week. I walked to Newtown and stood all weekend so, I’m going to count that as moving.

Weekly Goals

Exercise for 30 minutes everyday. Eat breakfast every morning. Limit myself to one piece of cake this week. It’s going to be tough, you know my feelings on cake, but seriously. I have a problem.



I took this photo with my mind. Obvs.

I have been an absolute wreck this week. I had a bit of a weird moment with a guy and it stressed me out. However, I did manage to be pretty rational about everything and I kept on top of my university so I’m glad I coped with what was going on in a relatively sane way. I remembered to breathe and I remembered to protect my head and my heart. I am happy this week is over though. It was good to let loose last night and shake all the bad ju-ju off!

Weekly Goals

Thesis is my new boyfriend. Continue breathing deeply all day everyday. Sleep well and “just be cool”.

[ This week is all about refocusing and looking after ME ]

But yeah, I did actually have the most wonderful weekend and I am a happy lass really, just a little bit wired and looking forward to bed. Zzzzz.

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut and I love it! Also, PB ILY 4EVA ❤ .




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