Healthy Food Blog Roundup

I would first like to say a massive thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement and support in regards to my last post. I feel so blessed. I’m glad I could touch and connect with so many people on such a deep level just through my story and my words. I believe that open discussion about mental health is an important way to heal and support those who are struggling with mental illness. Keeping the discussion going helps to normalise common conditions, like anxiety and depression, which a large amount of people will experience at some point of their lives. Please feel free to share my musings around. Let’s keep this discussion alive!


Chuffed face.

Now guys, let’s move away from the discussion of my brain and to my favourite thing in the world, food. Let’s be clear, I love all food. I love healthy food, I love treats, I love looking at food, and reading about food and watching people cook food. I learnt everything I know about cooking from binge watching FoodTV (seriously, Ramsey taught me how to cut an onion, Oliver taught me about salt and making a massive mess). My Instagram feed is primarily pretty pics of banana ice cream and occasionally sassy booty photos of blogger and model Nadia Aboulhosn (#bodygoals #nothighgapzone #ILY). But mainly nicecream. Them vegans.

Today I thought I’d round up three of my favourite healthy food blogs because, hey, it is Easter weekend and what else will you be doing whilst stuffing yourselves with chocolate bunnies? Thinking ‘bout that detox that you’re totes going to try afterwards. I know you.

Petite Kitchen

rocket and fennel salad


Petite Kitchen is a kiwi wholefoods blog written by the lovely Eleanor, who also has a wonderful cookbook by the same name (which you should all read because it is amazing). Her blog is incredibly pretty and easy to get lost in. Her recipes are easy and don’t use strange health food ingredients; which is why I’ve probably cooked more recipes from her blog that any other blog that I follow. Her food is simple, clean and tasty.

This Rawsome Vegan Life


I’m not a vegan and nor will I ever be, but Emily’s blog is just so damn beautiful. If anyone could sway you to be an animal loving, raw food eating kid, it would be her. She makes incredible raw desserts and some pretty tasty mains; I’ve tried a couple of her more basic plates (roast vegies with tahini sauce kinda thing). Her writing style is personal and she’s easy to connect with. A good one to spend an afternoon drooling over.

Minimalist Baker


Another vegan one! Vegans just make pretty food. Minimalist Baker is written by Dana and John and it’s basically got every kind of delicious food you can think of, made vegan. Snickers ice cream, chocolate brownies, pizza – all vegan. They also do some nifty quick meals, one bowl meals and man, I think they’ve conquered sweets – I want to eat it all. I like them for their healthy snack ideas, like these recent PB energy balls (which I’m definitely going to make this weekend!). They are a pretty funny writing team too. Go find a recipe and make some delicious vegan snacks!

Yes, I am totally aware I chose mostly sweet treats as the feature photos. They’ve got like, agave, carob and dates and stuff. It’s fine…

I hope you enjoy this taster list of three of my favourite healthy food blogs. I am very much looking forward to this weekend where I can catch up on sleep, refocus my healthy body and mind goals and eat a bunch of hot cross buns and drown in chocolate. Hopefully I will squeeze in time to make some healthy treats too!

Happy Thursday!


All images are linked from their original sources, click on them to see the recipes!


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