10 Ways To Feel Instantly Better

Today I was an absolute grump. I was angry, I was melancholic. I sighed and I frowned. I was on the verge of throwing things and I definitely threw some mean words. I made dramatic swoons. At one point I declared, whilst collapsing dramatically into a pile, “why am I so broken?”. I then proceeded to steal chocolate off the cute guy I collapsed in front of. And a hug. I would say that I am an adorable little grumpy thing, but I would be lying. Well, maybe I am a bit cute. I mean, I am pretty tiny.

I did however manage to pull myself out of this morose state with the help of aforementioned cute boy, serious productivity, hot chocolate, the most wonderful cuddle and running outside in the cold. It’s actually a winning formula:

socialising + doing something + something delicious + snuggling + moving =
one happy, happy Anneke (or at least slightly less annoying)

I’m lucky I remembered this formula today. Otherwise, no blog post for you! Kidding, I would never leave you guys. 

If you ever need some reminding on how to get out of a grumpy state, or you need happy NOW, here’s a list of 10 Ways To Feel Instantly Better:

  1. Steal a hug. Whether it is from a friend, your Mum, a teddy bear, a puppy or a cute stranger, hugs solve all problems. Find someone and ask for a cuddle. I have been known to steal them from baristas before. There is always someone you can pester willing.
  2. Drink tea. Or coffee. Or a cold ginger beer if hot drinks aren’t your thing. Tea cures sadness. It is an actual fact. Personally, when I am in a bad mood, a hot chocolate solves all. Because they are awesome.
  3. Laugh. Watch something that makes you giggle. Seek out a friend who you know will make you smile. For months last year I re-watched lip sync battles on Jimmy Fallon and they made me laugh every time. The link for my favourite is HERE. Bonus, cute boy JGL. Instant joy!
  4. Move. Get outside and go for a walk or a run. Dance around your house. Find a Youtube workout video and do some Pilates, or some cardio (do this Blogilates vid HERE if you’re stuck for ideas). Preferably get close to nature or the sea and definitely get a little sweaty. When you’re in a terrible mood, exercise seems like the WORST. But then you do it and you feel AMAZING. Because ENDORPHINS. Stop being so lazy and move, if I can run, so can you!
  5. Socialise. Yes, curling up in bed is an option, but chilling out with people you adore is a sure fire way to bring back that cheer. Usually there are free hugs and possibly food/beer, so, it’s a winner. Ask yourself, when was the last time I had human contact? If it is more than 24 hours, go seek some friends!!
  6. Look at cute animals. Sometimes I go down to the pet groomers and watch all the hilarious puppies run around and fall over and be cute and stuff. It’s like a smack around the face of happy. If you can’t make it to look at animals and you don’t have one of your own, just Google “cute puppy/cat/bunny/animal of fluff”.
  7. Do something productive. Have a to-do list? Cross something off it. You will feel so accomplished and brilliant afterwards, especially if it’s one of those niggling things that has been sitting there staring at you for weeks. Bonus points if you tidy your room AND it was on your list.
  8. Eat something delicious. Be it ice cream, cake, donuts, a burger, mac & cheese, curry, whatever. If you’re a little bit blue, sometimes the only thing that will cure it is a bite of your favourite comfort food. Probably combine this step with number 4 though, got to look after your bod.
  9. Curl up in bed and watch a cute animated film or some 2 hour guns blazing, dumb action film or your all time favourite flick. Ideally something that doesn’t require thinking and ideally something that you can watch snuggled up in bed with a burger and fries. You deserve it, girl!
  10. Go to sleep. If it’s in the middle of the day, have a nap. Often when I am grumpy it is really because I am exhausted. When I have a proper, deep sleep after using my winning formula, I wake up feeling like a new human. So, listen to your body, and rest!

Bonus, listen to some upbeat music that makes you feel awesome. Here’s my go to track. Thanks T-Swift!





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