This is just a little list of little things that have made me want to skip around and jump for joy this week. Life is good, life is sho’nuff good. First though, something for you!


+ I bumped into a friend on the street and she told me I had a “sparkle in my eye” and I told her it was the rain glistening off my eyelashes, and she reaffirmed, “no, you really have a sparkle!”

+ My favourite barista decided to learn my name for the second time, made the same joke about me healing bruises and then shouted me my coffee because I complimented his sassy dancing. He also told me I looked like a pretty duck, because, this:


+ An impromptu dinner date with my adopted family of lovely ladies. 23 chillies! Matching rain coats!

+ Hip-hop class where we conquered the “best moment” of the routine; jumping high in the sky with the biggest and most hilarious grin.

+ Suggesting spirit fingers as a move in hip-hop and actually being allowed to do it. Winning.

+ This song.



+ Squishy hugs with my squishy best friend!

+ Cuddling up against the boy’s shoulder whilst watching him play Pacman and trying to find places in the world. Him letting me.

+ Giggles, skateboarding, scribbles and “scrapbooking” in studio.

+ Listening to the rain, cuddling up in my nest of a bed alone and watching movies.

+ Sleep ins and coffees.

+ Getting way too excited for JURASSIC 5 TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J5!!!!!! ERMERGHERD!!!




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