Better & Brighter


This week has actually been pretty damn awesome. Mainly because of Jurassic 5, but also because of these things which have happened since the snapshots in my post “Moments” (because apparently I love capturing sweet moments):

+ J5, J5, J5!!!! Oh my god, J5!
+ Dancing around the house, breakfast and a rushed goodbye coffee with my favourite babeface.
+ Spending time looking after myself for the first time in months; new things, painted nails, hair treatments, long showers.
+ Curry lunch with my hilarious family. Mum and Dad flirting at the table, gross, but adorable.
+ An awkward BYO with plenty of giggles with Emma and James. Far too much wine, phone bans, boob punches, social updates, so many ex-boyfriends at our table… Awkward. Hilarious.
+ Surprise Easter egg from my lovely boss! Nomnomnom. ❤


Update time.

Food & Exercise


Look! I took photos of all my breakfasts this week, bar one. I’m not a same breakfast every day kinda gal, obviously. This exercise really helped. It made me eat proper breakfast, instead of a coffee and a muffin in town, which made me make wiser choices throughout the day. I think I have stopped binge eating cake!

I went for ONE run. And it was awesome. I ran further than I thought I’d be able to, so I’m not that unfit after all (I couldn’t walk for three days afterwards, but still). I danced a lot and did plenty of walking. Gotta keep up the running though!

Weekly Goals

Continue making time for breakfast. This week I’m going to take photos of all my lunches and any treats I eat, because I am hoping to cap the treat meals to a couple rather than ALL.

Go on 2 runs this week. I think I’m just going to keep upping the running until I can get three in a week. Also, fit in a total body Pilates work out. Because Pilates is the best.



Chipmunk smiles! I have been so happy, and I think it has a lot to do with eating well, exercising and spending a bit of time pampering myself. Weird how the way we treat our bodies affects our mental health! I’ve also been dealing with my worries constructively, focusing on my studies, relaxing and enjoying little moments. This has helped immensely with my social anxiety! Looking after my mind meant that I could get silly and dance the night away at J5 without any panic. It helped that my gig mate was the perfect gentleman, looked after me and put up with my small white girl dancing. I am an awesome dancer though. Hilarious, but awesome.

Weekly Goals

Continue to love life’s little beautiful moments. Relax. Tackle my thesis and tutor ‘to-do’ lists productively. Be prepared for the coming weeks of potential stress and loneliness (losing my support network and Mum hugs for 6 weeks, so I’ve got to put in some good systems and find a substitute hug giver!).

[This week the focus is on being prepared and working hard – because I’m a planner, y’all]

Have the most wonderful week lovelies!




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