I’m Fun and Cool and Stuff

I sometimes feel like you guys must have a really poor impression of me; that I’m this little, crazed and sad person who whinges all the time. I mean, I am kind of like that sometimes, but I’m actually a pretty happy, bubbly young lass. Usually my whinging and grumpiness is hardly noticed. I’ll apologise for being a dick and people look at me strangely and say, “What? That was you being grumpy? But, you were smiling the whole time?”

Keeping them on their toes.

I am often described as bouncy or sparkly. My nickname was Sparkles for a time. It has also been Bananneke. And Banana. That has no relevance.

Bananas though ❤


I just think a lot, and I use this blog to get out all those thoughts that would otherwise weigh me down. I hope that it is in some way helpful and interesting. I have had a hell of a lot of people come up to me and tell me that I’m incredibly brave and inspiring for being so open. Thank you. I don’t really feel brave, I have a voice and I am using it. It is awesome and empowering to be told that I am an inspiration. So many warm, happy feelings.

I do think that some of the issues that I talk about affect a lot of people my age and we are really, really bad at talking about them. We are twenty something’s living in a generation of Instagram and Snapchat. We are all too happy to build up a skewed visual impression of ourselves, but we very rarely skim the surface of what we are actually thinking. That’s a whole other blog post in itself. Monday Musings on the selfie generation? Stay tuned folks.

Anyway, that was just stuff on my mind. I’m fun and cool and stuff. Like me!

Update time.

Food & Exercise

+ Guys. I was so bad and didn’t take photos of my lunches. I actually totally forgot because I have been so busy with marking my students work (I’m an architectural design tutor, did I mention? I know! I’m pretty smart). I don’t really remember what I ate. I think it was ok? I will keep a food diary this week. Promise.

+ I did make these energy bites and they are OMG DELICIOUS.

+ I did really well with my exercise. I did two Pilates workouts, some yoga, one run and hip hop. Huzzah! Hip hop was amazing by the way. We did this style called Voguing (watch HERE) and I’m really, really good at it because I have a bootaaay. And I bring the sass.




+ Keep a food diary. Eat breakfast every day. Limit myself to just a few treats.

+ 2 x runs. 2 x Pilates work outs. Hip hop.


I’ve been in a bit of a dark cloud.  I wrote that blog post yesterday to provide some insight on what my feelings are within a very confusing relationship+friendship thing. After writing it down I have decided that the chapter is closed and I am moving on. If he wanted me he would make it work. It hasn’t happened despite me being so wonderfully amazing (and humble to boot).

Let’s see what the next chapter will bring!

Today I woke up and I felt like I could dance around the planet. I actually did wake up and danced around my house because I was like, HEY! I’m FINALLY out of that dark cloud. YES!


Smug mug.


Get my food and exercise game strong. Healthy body = healthy mind.

[ This week it is all about looking after my body to look after my mind ]

I actually need to make some proper longer term body goals that I think I’ll get sorted within the next couple of weeks and share on here. I want to create a 12 Week Challenge of healthy eating and regular exercise so that I can FINALLY fit back into my Wrangler jeans. The struggle is real.

Have a lovely week my beauties!!




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