Apologies for the radio silence here this week. I just had the most tumultuous and stress filled week and I didn’t have the energy or emotional capacity to write. Plus, I was super, duper busy. Life.

Skip down a few paragraphs if you want to ignore my self-absorbed whinging. I understand.

Architecture is hard! Work is hard! Staying late at university every night is hard! Getting told your thesis direction is pointless is hard! Sleeping is hard! Life is hard! Eating good food and exercising is hard! Being sane is hard!

Maintaining positive relationships whilst balancing a Master’s thesis, three jobs, caring for my little brother and trying to look after myself, is freaking hard!

It’s all just HARD.


I feel so selfish whinging about my life when people are going through way worse a time than me. I’m the worst. Seriously.

My skin looks like a spider crawled onto my face and bit it in all the most obvious places. Swollen, red, puffy and just ugh. This sounds like such a vain thing to say, and it is, but usually my face is the one thing that I have control over and can make look good with little to no work. It just does its thing, and with a good scrub and the occasional cat eye flick it does its thing extra well. NOT THIS WEEK. This week it has decided to fall apart just like the rest of my life. Dick.

Summing that all up I would say, “I feel like shit, I look like shit and I just CAN’T EVEN”

Whinge over! Sorry.

I got to Sunday and realised that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. I rediscovered the direction for my thesis from the help of my super new supervisor – it’s going to be about ripping up cardboard and sticking it together to make it look good (I’m being a dick but I’m actually totally serious). Architecture, lah. I made it through the week with only one big cry in the bathroom at school, not 10 – positive achievement. Most importantly, I didn’t run away from my problems; I tackled them head on. And today I remembered that there is this thing called makeup.

This morning I ate brioche and fancy coffee with a gang of cool guys and I was happy. Hanging out with guys is sometimes the best, because they just talk about surfing and snowboarding and boy things instead of feelings, and it’s easy.

In saying that though, this video from Amy Schumer made me laugh. A lot. (Warning, is very, very rude.)


I’m not going to do a proper life update this week as it would be entirely pointless. Basically, the only time I had to exercise was used up by lying on my couch eating three huge bowls of salt and vinegar chips and binge watching an entire series of Girls. And that basically describes my mood.

I promise to be a happier, more inspiring, and more wonderful person this week!

Thanks for letting me whinge.




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