Um, guys. Sorry. I’m the worst blogger. I didn’t even make time for Sunday Yo! Which is literally the easiest blog post to write of the week because all I do is whinge about how I ate SO much cake and felt a bit sad for some reason (usually because of the cake). I’ll bake you all cookies to apologise. Well, probably not, but it’s the thought that counts… right?!

If you were wondering why I have been unable to blog this past week, it’s because I am hella busy, all the time. I’m currently undertaking my Master of Architecture research thesis, full time. Alongside this I’m tutoring 40 students across two architecture and interior architecture papers. I work a sweet little retail job on Sunday, which I adore. I’m also looking after my youngest brother while my parents are away. So, I’m pretty damn busy. But, guess what? I love it.

I love researching for my thesis, because architecture is exciting and I get to build things out of cardboard to annoy people in the name of research. Tutoring is something I was destined to do, my students are the best. My retail job is fun and relaxed and I get to be around fancy things all day. And my little brother is actually the coolest, when I see him, the computer nerd. We spent part of a morning playing with Nerf guns and it made my life. Seriously. I’m such a boy.

Being busy is the best thing for me because I really don’t have any time to procrastinate, and I am the worst procrastinator of all time. Something to do with being a perfectionist and feelings of inadequacy. You know, normal life stuff. In the small gaps when I’m not working I am properly researching for thesis and in the other gaps I am sleeping. Just. Work is good, study is good, but there is one big and very obvious problem.

I don’t know how to maintain a work/life balance. I am making so much time for work and study that I keep forgetting that I need to make time for myself. I’ve stopped eating properly, instead grabbing coffees and muffins to get me through the day; which only results in me binge eating later on. I’ve stopped exercising because by the time I get home, which is usually late at night, I have little to no energy. I’ve stopped making time to relax, which means I am exhausted and starting to resent my studies for taking so much time away from me. I keep looking forward to a day off, but a day off will never come. If I did have a day off I’d feel so guilty about not doing work that I would end up doing work anyway. Or I’d spend my day cleaning, or blogging, instead of just doing something for me, like watch The Office or go for a walk or have coffee with a friend. It’s a pretty bad cycle.

So, how does someone like me, who thrives off being busy, create some semblance of balance? I think it all comes down to planning. I love planning. Crossing off to-do lists is my mains. And goals! They are good too! Actually, both of them are good together. Goals and planning should get married. Cute. I am great at planning my studies and my work. They are sorted. But, I need to squeeze some time into the day for me.

Planning time! Yay!

+ Eat: Make time to eat a proper breakfast, take a healthy packed lunch to university, snack on fruit, vegetables, yoghurt & nuts.
+ Exercise: 30minutes of activity a day (be it Pilates, a walk, dancing, yoga or a run).
+ Sleep: Bed at 10 to read, lights off at 10.30, wake up at 6.45am
+ Socialising: Be flexible with socialising and balance it with study. Coffee dates, movie dates and dinner dates will keep me sane throughout the year! Go out at least once or twice a week, I deserve it.
+ Me time: At least 1 hour per day to relax and do something fun without guilt! Tuesday and Friday I have coffee by myself before tutoring. Sunday morning before work is my tea and brunch with myself space. I’m the best date. I’m quiet and think deeply philosophical thoughts. About cute boys…

So those are my goals! They are actually pretty straightforward, but I have a very stressful month ahead with prep for our first critical review. Which will mean some late nights at university, but I know that in order to do well I need to maintain a balance in my life. Even if it’s just going for a quick walk during the day or a cup of tea on the couches with mates at school.

Will let you know how I go!




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