Goals, Yo!


Hello friends! Man. Bed rest was so difficult. I got fed up yesterday and went to the supermarket to get some supplies and JUST as I was about to pay the fire alarm went off, we all got evacuated and a bunch of firemen turned up to put out the non-existent fire. I was really upset. So upset that I texted at least two people about it AND added it to my Snapchat story. Cause, life.

The problem with spending all day at home has been that I’ve actually weighed myself for the first time in months, because I was hella bored. Man that was shocking. I’m four kilos heavier than I thought I was. FOUR KILOS. Where did that even come from?!

Oh yeah, cake….


I need to do something about this. Seriously and properly.

So today I will be doing a special edition of Sunday Yo and instead will be using it formulate some GOALS, YO!

Before I get into the grit of the goal making, I thought I should do a little spiel about my body image and health. I love my body, I love my figure, I love my face. I am feeling pretty chubby at the moment though. I don’t want to lose weight to look like anyone else but me. I want to be a fitter, healthier and stronger version of myself. Without a goal I’m just not going to get there. My relationship with food and exercise needs a serious revamp. I’m tired a lot of the time because I’m eating badly and I’m carrying too much weight around on my tiny frame!

A couple of years ago I lost a bunch of weight (from 77.7kg to 58.9kg) and got to the stage where I was amazed at my lean and strong physique, my mind and my body were super healthy, my relationship with food was the best it’s been and as a bonus I was even happier with my figure.

I want to get back to that!



Current Weight on 10.05.15: 72.4kg
Height: 1.58m
Arms: L: 30cm R: 31cm
Waist: 77cm
Hips: 111cm
Thighs: L: 64cm R: 64cm


The BIG goal

Goal Weight: 59kg
Goal date: 26.11.15 (my 24th birthday!)
> 29 weeks to lose 13.4kg (losing an average of 0.5kg per week) <
Reward: Either this necklace or this ring

  The MINI goals (and rewards!)

– 5% (- 3.62kg): 68.78kg
Reward: Clinique ‘All About Eyes’ Cream
– 5kg: 67.4kg
Reward: $50 to spend on MAC makeup
– 10% (7.24kg): 65.16kg
Reward: $100 to spend on new work out gear
– 10kg: 62.4kg
Reward: Hair cut & colour
(thinking a long bob with blue-grey tips)

The How

I will be following the Weight Watchers ProPoints program and will focus on eating healthy, filling, low GI foods (the WW filling and healthy food list is available online HERE). Flexible dieting, like the Weight Watchers program, works well for my lifestyle (and I know it works because I’ve done it before). I will write down everything that I eat.

My goals will change week by week as I get fitter and stronger. I will train my body using a combination of running, dancing, Pilates and yoga. My main goal is to be active every single day!

I will keep a food diary. I will use this ‘Sunday Yo’ post to track weekly food & exercise progress, weekly weigh-ins, monthly measurements, and weekly progress photos. I will also use it as a platform for my weekly exercise goals.

And those are my goals! I am so excited to get back on track with my healthy eating and to start moving more. Not only does healthy eating and exercise help with physical appearance, it also helps hugely with mental health. So I will be doing my body and mind some good.

I hope you are excited to follow along on this journey. Motivation, finally!




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