Smashed it.



I hope that you have all had the most brilliant week! I feel like my week didn’t begin until Thursday, because I was SO unwell. But, the last few days have just been absolutely fantastic. So here’s the part where I count my blessings and write a little list of things that have made me happy this week…

+ Creating cardboard structures for my thesis at 8 in the morning, alone in studio on a miserable, rainy day. Early morning creating is the best.
+ Being super pretentious by drinking dessert wine and nibbling on blue cheese on a night out with a guy named Matt.
+ Getting all kinds of proud at seeing my first years conquering their digital modelling assignments. Their work is terrifyingly good. My first years are just straight up cool. It makes me feel like a proud mumma bear.
+ Adventure Time.
+ A very productive and reassuring thesis supervisor meeting. I am on the right path with my research and what I am doing is essentially going to alter my career and my life forever; I am slowly becoming the spatial based artist that I have dreamed of being.
+ An impromptu fancy cocktail evening with my bestie Emma and her boyfriend (whom I pretend to like to keep her happy, aye James?). Seriously though, think tiki bar, burgers and craft beer. Basically the night of my dreams.
+ A coffee delivered from my main squeeze Jackie this morning.
+ Feeling my look yesterday.


And now for my new weekly instalment: weight loss journey progress update tiiiiime.

Week 1


 Weight 17.05.15: 71.1kg
(Start weight 10.05.15: 72.4)

Weight lost: 1.3kg!!!



Food & Exercise

+ So, eating well was way harder than I thought, seeing as before this week I lived on a steady diet of coffee and muffins. I cut those puppies out and looked what happened, I lost just over a kilo! I still had some treats, like a big curry dinner on Wednesday and some cocktails last night, but I balanced those out with lots of delicious and healthy food.

+ Just so you know, porridge is the BEST breakfast in Winter. Get on the porridge buzz, ya’ll!

+ I was really unwell, so I just tried to fit in some incidental walking here and there. I wanted to do more but you know, I couldn’t breathe.


+ Try and fit in more veggies during the day; some carrot sticks and hummus for a snack or a soup with lots of veg for lunch.

+ I want to get back into Pilates so starting from tomorrow I am going to follow the Blogilates Beginners Calendar 2.0, which you can find HERE.



I have been really happy the past couple of days. Mainly because I was so unproductive when I was sick and then I smashed out some wicked work really quickly. It was like all my creativity was just lying in wait until I got my hands on some cardboard boxes and a craft knife.

You’re probably all like, WTF IS SHE EVEN TALKING ABOUT.

Hush now. NOBODY knows what I’m talking about. Not even me. It’s ok. #architecture

Keep being awesome.



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