23 for 23 – Half Way Through


A fresh-faced 23. Flower crown queen.

I am 23 and a half! In six months I will be 24 and erm, don’t know if I can cope with that level of adulthood. Mainly because I will have to start thinking about what comes after my FINAL year of university. Can I be a perpetual student please?!

When I turned 23 I made a list of 23 goals to achieve throughout the year. Now that I am half way through my time of being a sassy 23 year old I thought I should reflect on how I am going. Re-reading these, past Anneke was a bright eyed and incredibly ambitious young thing, and some of these are a little ridiculous. How 6 months can change a girl!

  1. Create the most beautiful, interesting and well researched thesis

This may be the only goal that I am on track with and happy about. Because my thesis is my LIFE and I am loving it!

  1. Run a 10km fun run!

Hasn’t happen yet, neither has the training. I do want to do one though. I feel like I should start looking into 10km fun runs later on in the year and start training NOW.

  1. Hold an exhibition of my work

I will end up doing this with my thesis work… is that cheating?

  1. Record an EP (or at least one of my songs well)

There has actually been no time for song writing. I want to record a rough and ready 3 track EP of the three songs I have up my sleeve and whack them on my Soundcloud. Think loops, claps and fuzzy tracks.

Yeah, I sing guys.

  1. Feel fit, healthy and amazing – got to get back into my favourite Wrangler jeans!

Provided my new goals work out and I work really hard on my health and fitness, by the time I am 24 I will fit back into those sassy jeans.

  1. Write a letter to someone I love, once a month

I have sent 2 letters. 2 out of 12. Someone is going to get 10 letters all on the same day because I am terrible at this goal!

  1. Perform at a gig

Does karaoke count?

  1. Get a piece of writing published

Thesis, yo!

  1. Finish my portfolio of work

I actually do need to do this because my portfolio is 2 years out of date. I have the platform, now I just need to set aside a little bit of time to work on creating a beautiful and professional portfolio.

  1. Start networking; network, network, network

I do this every single day. Boss bitch.

  1. Create and publish a zine

Some of these goals are so weird! Hasn’t happened, but let’s just say it totally will. Why not.

  1. Start an architectural blog

I actually think I should do this for my thesis. Good idea past Anneke!

  1. Apply to intern at Archdaily

WHAT??? WHY???

  1. Read 10 novels

I made this goal because I am so bad at reading these days. I have read three books! 1. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn / 2. Shades of Grey, Jasper Fforde / 3. Yes Please! Amy Poehler

  1. Host a dinner party

Have. To. Do. This. I will theme it. It will be great.

  1. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere! Be good!

Considering the SPCA because KITTENS.

  1. Print and frame my architecture photos from Nepal, Tibet and Europe

I am a secretly talented photographer and have SO many photos from my travels. I want to do this to really document my trip, because files in digital folders are so depressing.

  1. Join Architecture + Women NZ and NAWIC

I joined NAWIC – National Association of Women in Construction. It’s wonderful.

  1. Learn how to make ice cream

This is a great goal! Why have I not tried this yet?!

  1. Learn how to bake bread

As above!

  1. Learn how to knit

I could make a scarf. With all that free time I have?!

  1. Plan a new overseas adventure

I’ve done this one!!!! I am going to Melbourne in July for a students of Architecture congress and just general fun. I am beyond excited. Yes. Accomplishments!

  1. HAVE FUN!!!

All day. Erryday. Check!

Bring on the next 6 months!





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