Hello Again, Friend

Hey all! I’m back!! Thank you for bearing with me over that much needed break from blogging. I worked my ass off to do well at my review and it definitely paid off.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m currently undertaking my research thesis for my Master of Architecture (Prof). I’ve been making, creating and researching, and about a week ago I stood up in front of a panel of 5 critics who listened to what I’ve been doing, then gave me their critique. All 90 of the Masters cohort presented and the school flew in critics from around the country and Australia. It’s as terrifying as it sounds. But, I got through it and did a happy dance afterwards. So, snaps for me!

In other news, I’m almost at the end of what has been a very successful Junk Free June in which my goal was to cut out refined sugars, chocolate, cakes and other tasty treats. I thought it would be nearly impossible with all the stress that I had going on, but actually it was fairly straight forward, especially once I started noticing results. Cutting out refined sugars has made my mind clearer, balanced my mood and prevented me from comfort eating. What helped massively with restricting sugar was watching That Sugar Film; I can honestly say the film has changed my life for the better. Go and see it! I am going to do a proper write up tomorrow on my experience with Junk Free June tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Oh! I am going to Melbourne soon, not just for shopping and eating, but also to go to a congress for my studies. But yes, also for the shopping and eating. Mainly the eating. I adore Melbourne. It is such an exciting place to visit, and will maybe become the place that I will live in to study a PhD. Yep. This girl’s got dreams.

And that’s the update on my life, all very positive things, so now an update on my bod!


Weight 28.06.2015: 69.9kg

(Start weight 10.05.15: 72.4. Weight last time 24.05.15 71.4kg)

Weight lost: 1.5kg

Total weight lost: 2.5kg

And some updated measurements:

Height: 1.58m

Before: Arms: L: 31cm R: 31cm / Today: L: 29cm R: 29cm

Before: Waist: 77cm / Today: 74cm

Before: Hips: 111cm / Today: 108cm

Before: Thighs: L: 64cm R: 64cm / Today: L: 64cm R:64cm

I’m a little bit proud.  OK, a lot proud. I have been treating my body well over a stressful time and it shows in the little bit of weight I’ve lost, my measurements, my clear skin and my balanced mood. Cutting out refined sugar is a really good thing, I can’t recommend it enough. The next step is to integrate more exercise into my routine; to lengthen, tone, build lean muscle and improve my fitness. Bring it.

I hope you have all had a wonderful few weeks. I’m very happy that I can finally dedicate some more time to this blog, because I absolutely adore writing it.

See you tomorrow for Monday Musings on Junk Free June!



From me and my cat!


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