Sorting My Life Out


Do you ever get moments where you have to tell yourself to sort your life out? This week I’ve been suffering from a lack of motivation to do anything other than curl up in my nest of a room. University has been slow going, so of course I have been making it worse by avoiding it through any means I can justify. I’ve been boozing it up with friends, eating ALL the sugar and just wallowing in some weird kind of isolating melancholy that I have absolutely no reason to have.

Last night I got home to see my room as if from the eyes of a stranger. Clothes and junk piled high and on every surface, old plates and cups scattered about, like a typical teenage girl’s nightmare nest. I was genuinely horrified. And at that moment I told myself, “Girl, you need to sort your life out!!”

I got another shock this morning when I weighed myself for the first time since Melbourne, where yep, I ate anything and everything I wanted. It was great and I wanted to do it, fully aware of the consequences. But since I’ve been back I’ve continued with the “holiday spirit”, and to be honest, I feel like crap. I wrote about how fantastic I felt cutting out sugar at the end of June, after a few weeks of eating sugar again I am exhausted, moody, bloated and I feel awful. Lesson learned.


Weight 19.07.15: 71.0kg

(Start weight 10.05.15: 72.4. Weight last time 28.06.15 69.9kg)

Weight gained: 1.1kg

Total weight lost: 1.4kg

Again, I say, girl, seriously – you need to sort your life out!

As it’s Sunday, I thought I’d do my ‘little things that have made me happy’ list to round things out. Cause, gotta remember the good things. Especially because, even though I’ve been a bit of a mess, lots have things have made me beam this week.


+ Morning coffee with my family, reading the paper and discussing our ten year plans
+ Getting an unexpected offer to tutor again
+ Having exceptionally enthusiastic supervisors who totally get my weird cardboard adventures
+ Orphan Black. Oh my LAWD. Season Three is just exceptional.
+ My number one boi. His ability to cook, make me laugh, deal with my attempts to be funny and share my enthusiasm for brunch. Oh, yeah, GUYS, I got a boy (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
+ A leaving party that was so full of warmth and love and celebration that I didn’t have time to be sad.
+ Hungover movie night with my girl Emma and our matching outfits; leggings, jumper, beanie, shawl #fashun
+ Sunday morning coffee and cards with a trouble maker before work


Remembering the little moments that made you smile can shake you back into a positive state of mind and make you realise that actually, life is pretty damn good.




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