7 Day Challenge

Hellloooooooooo world!

(I think I’ve been watching too much Marcus Butler)


I decided not to write a ‘Sunday Yo’ update yesterday because I have honestly not been thinking about what I’ve been eating or what kind of exercise I’ve been doing and I feel all the guilt. So much guilt. If you want a snapshot of my current diet, yesterday I ate waffles for breakfast, a savoury muffin for lunch, pizza and champagne for dinner and donuts for dessert. Who even am I?! They were really good waffles though…


I think it’s time for a challenge. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I thrive off a challenge. It’s my thing. And ok, this is going to be a pretty small challenge, but it’s going to be really good for both you, my lovely readers, and me. This blog needs a little love and attention ❤

Introducing (drum roll please) the MNIB 7 Day Challenge!

Not a vague title at all. Nope.

For the next 7 days I am going to post a daily visual food diary and a record of my activity that day. I’m hoping that this mini challenge will help me to get back on track with my healthy eating and get me moving again. And hopefully you guys will enjoy seeing some photos of my food, ‘cause I love it.

I’m excited!

Also, I came up with a little weekly exercise plan that’s more flexible than the ones I usually do but I think that’s what I need. It has tick boxes!!!! Take a look (you can print it if you want to be just like me – I think if you click it, it will be the full size)

Exercise Plan

I made it flexible because I want to be able to pick and choose my workouts depending on my mood. I can also choose to do one workout a day or a couple if I’m feeling really active. Obviously, this is just the start so it is fairly easy. Once my body starts to get comfortable with this exercise plan, I’ll alter it to be a bit harder.

I’m looking forward to the next seven days! I’ll do my first write up tonight.


PS Oh, and if you’re wondering what I consider “healthy” eating. It’s really just about eating a balanced wholefoods diet full of veggies, some fruit, lean proteins and some healthy fats, with little to no refined sugar, very little salt and generally avoiding processed food, caffeine and alcohol. Also reduced portion sizes. Simple.


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