Helloooooo! It’s day 4 of the MNIB 7 Day Challenge – a challenge to get me to post pics of everything I eat in order to keep myself accountable and eat lots of delicious and healthy food. I am really enjoying doing this. It’s SO easy to take a quick snap of my food throughout the day and the reflection in the evening is a very vivid reminder. Usually when I’m working hard on monitoring my food intake I write everything down, but as I am a visual learner it makes much more sense to photograph it all instead. I have been eating well and my energy levels are so much more steady. How are you enjoying seeing my food on a daily basis?



Porridge!! 1/2C porridge oats cooked in the microwave with 1C water and 1T chia seeds (full whack for 1min, stir, then another minute, then stand for a bit before eating). I then stirred in about 1/4C almond & coconut milk, 1/2 a mashed banana,  sprinked over a scant teaspoon of coconut sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, then topped with a little more almond & coconut milk. So creamy and so delicious. Also, incredibly filling and sustaining. I had green tea with this. My favourite wake up tea!



I was a little romantic dork yesterday and made my boyfriend healthy treats to take with him on his roadtrip today (I can’t help it, I’m adorable, and he’s a babe). I made WAY too many for just him, so I kept the rest for me. Winning. These are PB energy bites, you can find the recipe HERE. My morning snack would not be complete without a trim latte. I am trying to limit my coffee to one a day before 12pm to help with my sleep cycle.



Quinoa and kumara salad – if anyone wants a recipe for this just comment below, I just kind of cobbled it together. The salad itself is pretty good but I think the Asian style dressing is missing something. Will have to experiment some more!



Another little energy bite, an apple and a big mug of peppermint tea. It’s so sad seeing that I ate at my desk all day. Usually, I try and get outside at lunch or go sit on couches that we have in our hallway at university. I was trying to write something by the end of the day for my thesis, so I ate at my desk. I failed. I don’t know what it is about my desk but I cannot do work there. Excuse to buy a new laptop and work in cafes I suppose…?


I snack so much!! I’m on two types of medication that increase my appetite and usually I try and ignore the ‘fake’ hunger, but today I just couldn’t. I made a pretty substantial snack when I got home of some cheddar cheese, pickles, cherry tomatoes and two wholegrain crackers. Definitely hit the spot. Oh and Lady Grey tea.



Thursday night is pasta night at my family home and I offered to cook, so I made roast pumpkin, bacon, tomato and pesto sauce on top of farfalle with parmesan. Also a small glass of red wine because… it’s Thursday?



PINEAPPLE!!!!! One of my favourite fruits ❤

And that was my day! I didn’t do any workouts today because I needed a rest day, my body is feeling pretty tender. So, I’ll leave you with a photo of my beautiful city on this glorious winter day!




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  1. That food looks yummy. You should share the all recipes. I dont know how to cook any!


    1. mynameinbold says:

      Hello! Any you’ve seen in particular that you’d like me to share?


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