I made it through the week! I even managed to blog last night awkwardly using my phone, only to realise how badly formatted it was this morning. Awkward. Scroll through for the last of my daily food blogs and along to a little write up about what I’ve learnt from this 7 Day Challenge.



De Ja Vu?



Brown rice veggie sushi ate in a hurry.



We had the whole whanau around for dinner for my Dad’s birthday. This was my Mum’s famous lasagne (my favourite meal of all time), a bit of chili con carne w. rice and lots of salad. Followed that with some ginger and pear cake with cream. Happy Birthday Papa!



This is my thinking face.

+ I start the week off strong then get into a “weekend” mindset where I let go of the control. Not necessarily a terrible thing as I tend to follow an 80/20 rule, except when I am literally yelling YOLO while eating a hefty bowl of fries and downing beers at the same time…
+ I get really bored of the same breakfasts but can happily eat the same lunch everyday.
+ I feel better when I exercise and worse when I don’t.
+ Taking photos of all my meals made me feel more accountable. And I got some bonus weird looks while I was doing it. #blogger #foodgram
+ I have a way better clarity of mind when I limit refined sugars. Also my energy levels are so much more stable.
+ My favourite breakfast this week was the Shakshuka eggs on Day 2, lunch was the haloumi and avocado bruschetta yesterday, my favourite snack was my banana and peanut butter smoothie (I’m additcted!!!) and my favourite dinner was the spiced chickpea dish my boo made me ❤
+ Following on from that, my boyfriend is a really good cook. Just dropping that in there, ’cause I am smug as hell that I have a bf (kidding…or am I?), but he really is. It makes me want to up my own cooking game. So competitive.
+ Eating well affects mood, sleep, energy and concentration. If you want to fuel your mind, pick good, sustaining wholefoods that give your body what it needs; wholegrains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats. Simple.

How did you enjoy this challenge? Any requests for recipes that you’ve seen, leave them in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!



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