Weird, But Fun Weird


This week has been fun but bizarre. I don’t really know how to quantify it but I’ll just write down a list of weird, but happy moments:

+ Getting photographed for a university publication that is going to advertise postgrad study. I am going to be an example to everyone. Like, what?! Picture me, standing with my cardboard wall, getting directed to “examine joints” and “gaze into my future” while a photographer discusses photoshopping my arm. So funny, and weirdly fun. I’m going to be a double A4 spread. I’m so excited about this opportunity, but also still a little in awe.

+ Celebrating my Dad’s birthday with the whole family in tow, including my boyfriend Matt. He met the family! And my Dad was so well behaved, he didn’t quiz Matt once about earnings/life ambitions/qualifications/drivers licence. I think he’s mellowing with age…

+ Building Lego architecture at the City Gallery with the greatest company. Beer, Mexican food, Lego. Enough said.

+ Spending a week at uni barely achieving anything (except for drawing Kendrick Lamar) then turning up on a quiet Saturday and achieving incredible amounts of work. Creativity is weird.

+ Yakitori and alcoholic milkshakes with friends!

Yeah, kind of weird, but SO good.


Chubby chipmunk cheeks!! I don’t know what has been up with my cravings this week, because I have been entirely unable to avoid eating cakes, treats and sugar. Which has left me bloated and uncomfortable. But you know, one week of eating a little less than great is not going to affect me too much. I just got to get back to the quinoa and kale! (I jest, but really).

In positive health news, I signed up to the Ashy Bines 12 Week Fitspo challenge, kind of on a whim because I’ve been so unmotivated to exercise recently. I signed up to just do one group workout session a week and with that I got several nutrition guides, which are very sensible, manageable and informative. I have a trainer who has been helpful in forming some goals and giving me information. I start on Thursday evening, and I’m super excited. Will definitely keep you posted on how I go!


And finally, I am so proud because one of my besties, Phoebe Morris, is now a published illustrator!! The book is called First to the Top and it tells the life story of Sir Edmund Hillary and his many adventures. Check it out, and take a look at her website too. So stoked to have got myself a copy, it is so beautiful!

Happy Sunday!



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