The 3 Healthy Books I Keep By My Bed

I have a pile of books that I keep by my bed that I pick and choose from every night to read before sleep.

At the moment my journal has pride of place on top of the pile; my beautiful Joie Du Jour, blue and gold notebook that I’m filling with daily thanks.


Of course I have a couple of novels, at the moment it’s Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams: I am a sci-fi girl, and proud.


I have a couple of cookbooks (I read cookbooks like they were novels – who else does this?!), Jamie Oliver and Petite Kitchen are currently providing my food porn for the day.


As if that wasn’t enough, I also have three books that are inspiring my journey to living a healthier and happy life. I flick through these books almost daily, to provide inspiration and guidance for my journey. They are absolutely wonderful, and I thought I would share them with you today!

That Sugar Book – Damon Gameau


You’ve no doubt heard me raving about That Sugar Film, which I can honestly say has changed the way I view food; this book is the companion to the film. It discusses the experiment Gameau undertook, the effects of sugar on the body and includes a section of guidance and recipes for transitioning to a healthier, sugar free diet.

It is simple to read, the facts are solid and easy to understand and the recipes are so good. Eat them and you won’t miss sugar at all! I keep returning to this book whenever I feel my resolve to avoid sugar slipping. It is a must read, even if you haven’t seen the film.

The Happy Cookbook – Lola Berry


This is a cookbook full of healthy, wholefoods recipes and also little pages of tips and tricks to balance a happy lifestyle. I bought this cookbook on a whim, impulse buying books is a bad habit of mine. But, my impulse buy was a success!

There are so many ideas for healthy meals in this book. I took a little while to warm up to the writing style, as Berry has a very relaxed and informal way of writing (could borderline imagine her saying “totes” and “hae babez”). As a whole though, it is a fun and bright cookbook that will take pride of place in my kitchen (when I one day have one…)

The Healthy Life – Jessica Sepel


My new favourite book! This book details ten principles to living a healthy life, everything from good gut health to weight loss, from body image to beauty within. It is SUCH a detailed and informative book, and has honestly become a little bit of a good health bible to me. There are helpful meal plans, a hefty section of recipes, a nutrition guide and a holistic guide to healthy living.

From what I understand, the nutrition part is a wholefoods, low carb, zero sugar, high protein and high healthy fats diet with lots of veggies and minimal fruits.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a one stop hit of healthy, holistic living information with a truck load of guidance on how to transition to a healthier life. The one downside is that it is written for a female audience, so guys might have to skip through some of the chapters (especially the hormonal one!). It is incredibly helpful and Sepel has a very approachable writing style. A great book!

Those are my top three healthy lifestyle books of the moment; they are all recent releases so the information is up to date and so informative. I love these books because they provide holistic health information and easy recipes to follow; you know how much I love my food.

Grab yourself a good book and get reading!




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  1. Rachel Bishop says:

    You need Michael Galitzer’s Outstanding Health, is his site. He focuses on energy and the ways to create more! This is the one by my bed! It works wonders for me on the mental and physical side of things!! It’s a good read!


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