10 Ways to Beat A Creative Block

The creative process is an incredibly fun one, but sometimes you’ll hit a point where you “just can’t even”. Those moments, creative blocks, are incredibly frustrating and sometimes you’ll just want to walk away and give up. But you can get through it!!

Here are some tips that help me get through those moments and back on track with my work, maybe they’ll help you too!



+ Use the 7 minute rule. Force yourself to complete your task for just seven minutes, chances are you’ll begin enjoying your work and continue on for longer.

+ Use a reward system. Sometimes a creative block is just procrastination in disguise. Switch off your phone, get into a space you know you’ll be productive and make yourself do productive work and reward yourself with a treat – whether that is a hot chocolate or an episode of Parks and Rec, it’s your thing.

+ Change the media that you’re working within. If you’ve been writing or designing on the computer, go back to basics and pick up a pencil and some nice paper and vice versa. Get creative with your media and choose nice tools to experiment with.

+ Change your environment. Maybe you’ve been in the same workspace for too long? Go to a café, sit in an art gallery, utilise a shared workspace or even work from home.

+ Do something completely different. Go for a walk, get into nature, drink wine with friends, watch a film, take a nap – get out of the creative zone entirely, if teasing out that creative spirit isn’t working then just ignore it for a bit, it will come back to you eventually.

+ Relax. Take a bath, read a book, get a massage, take a yoga class, have an early night. Release that nervous and frustrated tension. Then get back to work with a clear head.

+ Talk to someone. It could be someone connected to what you’re working on or just someone you know and trust. Chat to them about your project – they might provide some insight that could encourage a path that you hadn’t thought of before.

+ Read, watch or listen to something that inspires you. Flick through a journal. Collect and collate inspirational pieces of work that you can use to inspire your own work.

+ Walk away. Seriously. Put that pencil down/turn of the computer. Go for a ten minute walk and look at your work again. Sometimes you need to step away from your work to see it from a fresh perspective.

+ And finally, for fun, have an impromptu dance party. Be silly. Run around your studio/living room. Laugh and get some blood flowing. Don’t become the “tortured artist”, just have fun with it. Maybe after rolling around in fits of giggles you’ll then see the fun in your project again.

Remember, if you’re a creative you have been at this point before and it will happen time and time again. It’s better to think of a “creative block” as part of the process, and perhaps rename it to something like a “cloud”; everything is foggy and you can’t make your way through it right now, but eventually you’ll stumble out to the clear. Just know that you’re not doing anything wrong and everything will be ok.


Happy creating, kids!



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