Sunny Sunday


Sunday is my favourite day of the week, but it might seem weird to many because I work on a Sunday. Secret is, I adore my job – I work in the cutest boutique on Cuba Street, so I’m surrounded by gorgeous things and I get to chat away to lovely people all day. Also, Sunday is family day, so we always have a big dinner with the whole family around the table where we catch up and have fun.

Today has been extra wonderful because it started with brunch with my bae; mushrooms on toast with a 65/65 egg and an Italian donut filled with Nutella… yep. Company was pretty damn good too <3. The sun has been shining and we are having roast lamb for dinner, which is like, my top meal. I was meant to be cooking but Dad has decided it’s too much for me to work AND cook. He’s mellowing with age, I’ll tell ya.

I am just beaming!


Let’s talk about food and exercise, yo.

So, food. I have a design review coming up so I have been stress eating like a maniac, but I’m trying to offset it by eating as well as possible most of the time and exercising as much as I can. It’s not the most solid plan, but I am lucky if I can get a proper meal in at the moment. Busy, busy, busy.

Speaking of exercise, I started the Ashy Bines Fitspo Challenge on Thursday! Oh man, I am sore. We did this thing called the Ten Commandments, which is a full on 20 minutes of full body training (think squats, press ups, up/downs, dips etc.). I completed it and I was so proud. I also got to meet some lovely ladies and had a fun game of dodgeball, bonus. Group training reminds me of football practice which I miss now that I don’t play, so I fit right in.

And yeah, that’s about it for updates. A short post is a good one! Have a glorious sunny Sunday and I’ll catch y’all soon.




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