Apologies if I freaked anyone out with my upset ramblings the other day. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts. I am doing OK, a little bit shaken and in need of a rest, but I am OK.

In positive and delightful news, I am on holiday for the next week! My supervisors genuinely told me to “get out of school” and even “get out of Wellington”. Hilarious. Everyone is under the impression that I work far too hard. Probably because I do.

Anyone got tips on how to relax? Because I just don’t know how to do it. I try. But my brain just likes to tick over with grand plans and ideas. Like seriously brain, let me chill. Busy is good, it’s when you’re too busy and can’t sit down for longer than five minutes without going nuts that there’s a problem. So, that’s the goal for the week – relax.

That will probably mean baking, watching a new series (I’m thinking How to Get Away with Murder or Orange is the New Black – any suggestions, throw them my way), going on some nice walks, listening to some music while doing some drawing (for fun!!), and trying my hardest to not think too much. My brain needs a rest.

I do however want to do a little thinking and planning about this blog and where I want it to go. My Name in Bold is a random collection of things I like writing about. As you know, the topic of mental health has been a major part of my blog for a long time, and I definitely want to keep writing about it because it is something I feel needs to be discussed more. Losing weight, however, is not a huge motivator for me at the moment. I like being healthy and eating healthy foods, I like exercising, but I am actually quite happy with my size at the moment. So, I think if we take it in a direction of holistic health a little bit more, I’d be happy with that – healthy body, healthy mind. But I’m also passionate about a lot of other things that will probably start to seep through into this journal, because, I like writing and I like sharing.

Believe it or not, it is coming up to my blogs first birthday! One whole year of writing on this little space of the net. So, I want to plan some goals for the blog and shift the tone a little bit. Will post about it soon!

And there I go again, thinking and planning and not resting. Anneke!!!

Happy moments to end this post:

+ I gave Matt a new pet name, it is Bob and it makes me laugh. Mattbob, you’re the greatest <3.
+ Pancakes for dinner! Pancakes for lunch! Pancakes for breakfast! Pancakes!!!
+ The most AMAZING burger at Five Boroughs – if you’re a Wellingtonian go and check out their Wellington on a Plate burger. 10/10.
+ Checking out the LUX festival all along the waterfront and the laneways. Night time walks and activities are the best.
+ The film Amy – so heart-breaking, but so worth a watch.
+ Sunny Saturday walks with Mum.
+ Bath time.
+ Silly faces. Always.




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  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    I’m with you on not knowing how to relax, it’s not something that comes naturally to me either! Incidentally I have the next week off too! I have so many plans of getting out and sorting things out around the house but I really need to remember to take some me time! Hope you enjoy your holiday.


    1. mynameinbold says:

      Oh this sounds so exciting! You should have prescribed you time everyday. I find just ten minutes to just be on my own helps me refocus. I have lots of plans as well! Even now I am working on my blog!! Terrible. Thanks for your message and your well wishes, enjoy your holiday too xo

      Liked by 1 person

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