Happy First Birthday!

Today, ladies and gents, is My Name In Bold’s first birthday!!!

I have been blogging about my life of boys, food, losing weight, gaining weight, life problems, university, mental health, food, and boys for a whole year. That’s a bit of an achievement. So snaps for me.

Snaps to my blog because it can’t eat cake or appreciate flowers so you know, girl gets to help her blog out by housing those two things (in her belly and bedroom, whaddup).


Big, big snaps go to you, my loyal followers. You wonderful people, some of whom I know, some of whom I don’t, have been listening to my ramblings about anything and everything for 365 days. It’s such a privaledge to be able to write about the things that affect me, from body image to mental health to relationships, and know that I am connecting on some level. Even if it’s you just shaking your head with laughter, or making my recipe for french toast, or maybe even actually taking some of my advice on board, like how to we need to relax more or how to be healthy at university.

I love my little blog baby. It is my place to vent, to laugh, to cry, to share and to write my little life story. I had this moment one year ago where I decided I wanted to start a blog and that’s exactly what I did. I am very happy with my baby.

Let’s have a look back at some moments from MNIB’s first year:


+ First post, I was very angry about something…? : I Was Expecting Brunch, Not A Break Up
+ My body image story, how I learned to accept my curvy self : Part One and Part Two
+ This sassy post on single life : Learning To Love Myself
+ The post which gained me lots of beautiful followers ❤ How Do I Stop Buying Cake?!


+ This hilarious post about my crush at the time, I’m so embarrassing: 10 Ways To Make A Guy Like You
+ My Mental Health Story
+ This post for single ladies in need of some help when they’re sick, with a bonus recipe because I love you: Single Girls Guide To A Sick Day
+ And finally, the big, wonderful trip to Melbourne Y’all

That’s just 8 little posts that I particularly love out of the 78 (!!!!!) that I have published. It’s suprising that I still have more to say. You love it.

As a bonus birthday treat, I thought you may appreciate a behind the scenes look at some moments that were captured behind the camera that have, for good reason, stayed offline. I get a bit silly, ok?

IMG_0299 IMG_0407 IMG_0511 IMG_7380 IMG_7383

I am SUCH a dork.

Well, that’s me. Thank you all for being amazing and have a very happy Monday.

Happy birthday MNIB, keep being classy.








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