Sunday. Father’s Day?

Funny story. This morning I woke up early to cook waffles for my lovely Dad, as it’s Father’s Day today in NZ. I got downstairs to find that my Dad had eaten breakfast already and was about to leave the house. He had even made the waffle batter for his lazy children to cook up for him. So, we’re having waffles for dessert instead. Classic.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Sorry for being that terrible 23 year old kid who still lives at home and thinks 9am is early.

I did make brunch for myself though.


So, ‘Sunday Yo!’ has to change theme, seeing as I’m no longer on the ‘I need to lose weight’ buzz. I am trying to eat well and exercise more, but I’m not really loving updating you on my weekly progress, especially because my weeks recently have tended towards sad cake eating, ice cream and TV. That’s both upsetting for me and the opposite of motivating for you. I’m thinking ‘Sunday Yo!’ will become a little weekly update space to let you know what happened during my week; think lists about happy little joyful moments and a few Instagram snaps thrown in for good measure.

With that in mind, ‘joyful moments’ time:

+ My study buddy Thom returning from his adventures. I didn’t know I could miss a friend THAT much. I especially missed our daily fights, coffees and distraction from the monotony that my cardboard world has become. Glad you’re home, mate.
+ Baths, baths, baths.


+ Spending Friday escaping the city (kind of) and eating brunch and drinking milkshakes with my group of lovely ladies (well, 3 of them).
+ In reference to above, I am very lucky that my group of friends from high school has stayed so close for so long and that we are making more of an effort to spend quality time with each other. And by quality time I mean wine and brunch. ❤
+ Double reference to above, my friend Phoebe telling me that I WILL find the right person eventually who will let me love them and who will love me. It will just take time. Words of wisdom. I guess I better learn how to be patient. Tough.
+ The Weeknd.
+ The longest walk ever in the sunshine followed by a delicious and healthy lunch with my lovely friend Emma.
+ Hugs.
+ Sunshine.
+ Healthy treats.


There are ALWAYS happy moments to reflect upon. I thought I had a really crap week, and I’ve been feeling pretty down, but looking back there were actually lots of lovely moments. Gratefulness and the ability to reflect are two skills I am very glad that I have.


So that my friends, is Sunday. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there. Keep being awesome.



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