Oh man. So, this week has been fairly exhausting. I don’t know if anyone is interested, but at university this week I did the following things: started laying out my thesis document, started drawing graphics of the wall that I built, had a very important meeting and wrote my abstract, preface, acknowledgements and introduction.

Fairly proud.

Then I got this email from my supervisors saying that they were worried about my progress and I was just like, “WHAT.” I hate being told I’m not doing a good job. I effing love my research. I am proud of how hard I work and the results I have achieved. To have this curveball of lack of faith thrown at me makes me feel very, very anxious.

I’m a crazy, busy, productive student. The past few weeks I have been a little bit slower than usual and haven’t produced 8 different designs in a week. But come on, I did ALL the writing. I’m not worried, why are my supervisors worried? It freaks me out. But anyway, I have a meeting with my primary supervisor soon so I guess I’ll just see why they are worried about me then and keep on trucking in the meantime. I have bigger fish to fry.

Speaking of which, I am presenting my research at the Wellington Architecture Week as part of Architecture Women NZ on Tuesday 22nd September at City Gallery, 12.30pm. Find all the info for the week HERE. Please come and support me if you’re a Wellingtonian and you’re free at lunchtime, there are 5 other lovely ladies talking about their research too. 6 rapid fire presentations from 6 awesome, intelligent architecture students at lunchtime? Yes, please.

And that, my dears, is how you plug.

Today, I thought I’d do something a little different to my usual list of joyful moments. Instead I’m going to list some favourites. Yep. I’m very creative and original. #blogger


  1. Pants That Look Fancy, But Actually Feel Like Pyjamas.


Oh man. I am IN LOVE with these pants. So much comfier than jeans and so much more classy, but so easy to wear. Honestly. These guys are from Blak Basics and they feel like leggings but they are so damn chic. ❤

  1. Muesli That Doubles As Porridge


Ok. So as much as I have probably preached the importance of breakfast, I am REALLY bad at eating it. Especially if it’s a choice between extra sleep and food, sleep wins every time. But then the other day I picked up this box of Hubbard Hot or Cold Muesli and it’s so damn delicious that I have to make time for it. I have it either cold with oat milk, yoghurt and berries or hot with the same things. And it’s awesome.

  1. YouTubers


This is slightly embarrassing, but over the past couple of weeks I have developed a massive obsession with YouTube. It’s getting bad because I will sacrifice reading time for it before bed. SO BAD. I’m a little bit addicted. I follow these guys: Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart, Marcus Butler, Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen is THE BEST) and Ingrid Nilsen. I am secretly 15.

  1. Writing

So, above you saw how much I wrote the past week. I adore writing. I sometimes write things and read over it and go, “damn. You are SO smart Anneke.” #modest. Obviously, the way I write on this blog is a lot more conversational than my academic writing, so it doesn’t seem like I have a knack for the written word. But I do, and it is fun for me to do, and I love that I have this talent for smushing together words to form sentences and paragraphs that read so beautifully. It’s very cool.

And that, my friends, is Sunday!




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