23 for 23 – How Did I Go?

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you are all exceptionally well. I have been a very bad blogger as of late, and for that, I apologise. Love you, baes ❤

If you can remember back to the end of last year, I made a list of 23 goals to accomplish for my 23rd year on this planet. The other week I turned TWENTY FOUR. That is bloody terrifying. At 18 I thought all 24 year olds were amazingly dressed yopros living off amazing salaries and living with their baes. Girl knew how to dream (WHY HASN’T THIS HAPPENED TO ME YET).

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get too far with these goals, but I have had the most successful, fun, challenging, inspiring and brilliant year and I really believe it is because I spent time setting some intentions. Let’s see what I managed to cross off the list!

1. Create the most beautiful, interesting and well researched thesis
YES! Well, I’m getting there. Still have a month or so to go until I can properly cross this one off, but I’m going to cross it off anyway because YOLO.

2. Run a 10km fun run!

3. Hold an exhibition of my work.
Okay, so I didn’t hold an exhibition curated by me of my own work, but I did have my work exhibited at the end of year exhibition for our School of Architecture, so I’m convinced that counts.


4. Record an EP (or at least one of my songs well)
If you didn’t know, I am a singer and I occasionally write music (I used to jam with my producer mate Doug). This is a lifelong goal for me, one that I hope to achieve soon.

5. Feel fit, healthy and amazing
Okay, this one is quite vague. I honestly don’t know. I’m healthy and alive and amazing ALWAYS? But definitely not fit…

6. Write a letter to someone I love, once a month
I’m cheekily crossing this one off because although I haven’t written a letter EVERY single month, I have still send Christmas cards, birthday packages and other bits and bobs which is an achievement. Snail mail yo!

7. Perform at a gig
This would go hand in hand with my lifelong goal of recording an EP.

8. Get a piece of writing published
I am crossing this one off because I presented at a conference recently and it technically means I have published a paper, albeit verbally. Huzzah!

9. Finish my portfolio of work
I did it and it is very pretty – LOOK!

10. Network, network, network
Oh hell yeah I networked. Networked like a boss.

11. Create and publish a zine
All these brilliant, creative goals that I want to achieve still but haven’t had the time for this year!

12. Start an architectural blog

13. Apply to intern at Archdaily
This one makes me laugh every time.

14. Read 10 novels
Pretty sure I have read 10 novels. I mean, if I haven’t it’s a little worrying…

15. Host a dinner party
I’m crossing this one off because I had a brilliant Thanksgiving dinner last year for my birthday and I cooked a beer butt chicken and it rocked everyone’s world.


16. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere! Be good!
YESSSSS!!!! I am SO proud of crossing this one off. I am interning for The Performance Arcade 2016!!

17. Print and frame my architecture photos from Nepal, Tibet and Europe
I’d really like to do this when I am settled in a house I can call my own, that way I can decorate the walls with images of my amazing adventures. Here’s a taster:



18. Join AW+NZ and NAWIC
Joining a bunch of strong women in architecture and construction has been inspiring and eye-opening.

19. Learn how to make ice cream
This was a silly goal, like a red herring, because I already know how to make ice cream. Like a pro (with a recipe…) ❤

20. Learn how to bake bread
Oh! I forgot about this one!! I really want to bake my own bread! Must do.

21. Learn how to knit
This is going to have to happen. I want to be able to knit scarves, beanies and jumpers for AW16 guys.

22. Plan an overseas adventure
I went to Melbourne! And Brisbane!


23. HAVE FUN!!!
I have definitely had fun this year. It has had its ups and downs for sure, but all and all my 23rd year has been pretty bloody fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing.

13 out of 23 goals accomplished. Not going to lie, 23 was QUITE ambitious of me. My 24th goal list might have to be 12 intentions. Good idea Anneke, you genius.

I hope you are all having a lovely festive season!



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