What I Ate Yesterday #1

Hello friends and welcome to what I hope will become a new weekly instalment called “What I Ate Yesterday”. Basically, I took photos of what I ate throughout the day and thought I would share, because I love this type of content. Plus, I love food. Perfect ❤

So, yesterday was pretty lazy. I had the day off and didn’t wake up until around midday.. I know. I so needed that sleep! I therefore had brunch, a large snack, dinner and pudding rather than my usual 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. As I’m on Weight Watchers and have a SmartPoints allowance of 30, all this food fits within that – I’ll write the points for each meal if you’re curious.


BRUNCH – 8SP (+1SP for coffee)


This was a two eggs (3SP), whisked with a splash of milk and freshly ground pepper, scrambled in 1/4tsp butter (0SP) over a low heat. I then wilted in a handful of spinach and melted in 1TBS of parmesan cheese (1SP) and served it on a slice of wholegrain toast (2SP) spread with a teaspoon of Anathoth Hot Chilli Relish (OMG, HEAVEN – 1SP). Final touch was a sprinkle of parmesan (1SP). Alongside I had a big old cup of Jo – I count 1/4 C of skim milk (1SP) for the day to use in tea and coffee.



2 Multi-Grain Ryvita (3SP) spread with 1 Laughing Cow Cheese triangle (1SP) and topped with my Dad’s homegrown tomatoes (seriously, these tomatoes are from another world!) and hot chilli flakes.


A big bowl of frozen raspberries and chopped banana topped with 100g of low-fat, natural yoghurt (2SP), cinnamon and 2tsp of maple flavoured syrup (1SP).



Reduced-alcohol white wine ❤ (2SP)


This is a chicken burrito that I ate open faced with lots of lettuce, fresh tomato salsa, salsa and a tiny bit of sour cream (9SP). Super tasty and filling!



I ended my day with a mug of Sweet Dreams herbal tea (0SP) and a small slice of Nadia Lim’s Chocolate Berry Fudge Brownie (3SP). I made these brownies the other day with my friend Emma and they are AMAZING. They are intensely chocolatey and have a mousse like texture (they are made with beans!!!) Recipe is in her Fresh Start cookbook.

And that was my day! As I mentioned, it was a little different to my normal eating patterns, but I felt satisfied all day and even had room for a sweet treat in the evening.

Thanks for reading!




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  1. I love photographic food journals. Your meals look very yummy and definitely things I would eat (inspiration time). You should do more blogs like this. 🙂


    1. mynameinbold says:

      Thanks Emma! Glad I could provide some food inspiration! I’m hoping to do these once a week so stay tuned 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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