What I Ate Yesterday #2

Hello and welcome back to another food diary! Hope you are all well and getting excited for a long Easter weekend. Here’s what I ate yesterday:

BREAKFAST – 4SP (+1SP Coffee)


Two toasted Nanna’s waffles (3SP) topped with some raspberries (0SP), 2TBS Anchor Greek-Style Natural Yoghurt (which is my new fave- 0SP) and a drizzle of 2tsp of maple flavoured syrup (1SP). Served with my morning plunger coffee with a dollop of milk (1SP for 1/4C trim milk for the day).



Ok, so my favourite scrambled egg combo is definitely spinach and parmesan cheese! Inspired by the amazing Nadia Lim cookbook, Fresh Start. This was a slice of wholemeal bread (2SP) toasted and spread with some Anatoth Hot Chilli Relish ❤ (1SP) then piled up with 2 scrambled eggs (3SP), spinach and 3tsp of parmesan (1SP). Delicious.



A mug of milky tea and the BEST SNACK EVER – 2 fresh dates stuffed with 1 triangle of Light Laughing Cow Cheese divided between the two (1SP). Oh. My. God. Sweet, creamy and just, so damn good. Try it.

DINNER – 9SP + 4SP Beer + 4SP Vanilla Ice Cream




Chicken burgers and beer! Ohhhh yeah! I found this Portuguese Chicken Burger recipe on the app and edited it slightly to include some bigger buns. ‘Cause girl, gotta get dem carbs. Paprika and chilli dusted chicken, pan seared then baked for those perfect succulent slices. Toasted burger buns. Chilli relish. Coriander, lime and garlic fresh tomato salsa. Garlic and coriander yoghurt. Balsamic glazed greens. Damn.

I then had a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a mug of chocolate mint rooibos which I forgot to photograph because I was over excited about both.

So yes, that’s my food from yesterday. I was satisfied and interested all day. I love food!

Thanks for reading.


PS I’m week 6 of WW and I just reached my 5% goal. Woohoo!





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  1. Great food diary! Looks like a wonderful day of yummy meals!! 🙂


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