Outfits of the Week

GUYS. What am I becoming?! A fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogger or something?! Haha, nah. But I do love reading those types of blogs. Little do people know, but I really, really love clothes, shopping, fashion and stalking cool street style on Instagram.

I know that people are surprised by this. To the point that once I went on a trip with a super stylish friend and we decided to go shopping, she turned to me before heading out and kindly said “don’t feel bad if you want to wander off and do something else”. Um. DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME. It was really nice of her to offer an escape though I managed to keep up with her shopping no problem. And she managed to help me find the perfect pants, which are actually featured here. And then we struggled to fit everything into our shared suitcase but you know, funtimes.

Anyway. For a little while I just haven’t really cared about what I’ve been wearing. I think it has something to do with having pretty low self esteem after reaching my heaviest weight ever. None of my clothes fit, I could barely fit into clothes off the rack at high street stores, and I was just feeling super, meh. That reflected in my outfit choices. They were pretty meh.

But now I’ve been working on my weight and my fitness, I’m really feeling my bod and my look (that was the most #basic sentence, soz?). I’ve lost 5kg (!!!) and I’ve been doing HIIT workouts four to five times a week, which has resulted in a flatter tummy, a bigger booty (seriously, HOW, it’s already comparable to Kim K’s) and slightly firmer arms and legs. Because I’m feeling better and more myself in my own body, I’ve been styling my outfits with a reignited passion. Plus, it’s winter and I adore winter styling – the layers, the textures, the warmth! So, here are three looks of the week that I was pretty happy with, you can see how I styled them with winter layers in the shots at the top!










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