15 Signs You’re Getting Older


  1. You pick up new and exciting hobbies. Like knitting. Or adult colouring in.
  2. The Snapchats you get on a Friday night from your friends are either of them in bed surrounded by cats with face-masks on, eating pizza and watching Friday night TV or playing board games.
  3. You go out to a club and feel like the oldest person in the room. Because you are.
  4. You can’t differentiate between a 21 year old, an 18 year old and a 16 year old. They just all look so young, care-free and HOW ARE THEY SO WELL DRESSED.
  5. You would rather spend time in bed by yourself than go out to an event where you know, you probably wouldn’t know anyone and it’s like, pretty cold outside.
  6. You leave events at 10pm sober AF because you have work the next day. Adult=responsible.
  7. You can’t eat whatever you want and be lazy all the time. Your new best friends are healthy eating and exercise. And binge eating Dominos and brownies. Balance, man.
  8. Your friends all move away, on to new and exciting things i.e. jobs and relationships.
  9. House parties aren’t a thing anymore. They have been replaced by board game evenings, relaxed dinner parties, GoT viewings and movie nights in.
  10. The only time it is acceptable to get ruckus is at a BYO dinner/a wine tasting.
  11. Blue cheese, mushrooms and red wine all taste delicious now. Sign of maturity or dying tastebuds?
  12. You use the expression “youths” to describe groups of teenagers.
  13. You stop finding the joy in messy binge drinking and start finding joy in a single glass of fine wine, limited edition craft beer or a top shelf spirit.
  14. You appreciate “moments” in your life. The “moment” you met your soul-mate, the “moment” you received a promotion, the “moment” you got kicked out of a bar after three drinks for being “too drunk”.
  15. You realise you have far fewer but better friends, a stable income, a roof over your head, an ability to cook pasta and a Netflix subscription. Congratulations, you’re adulting now.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. lexilife says:

    Haha omg I love this post. I can relate to a few things already and I’ve only just turned 21… I’m not even ashamed that most 21 year olds are out partying – I like my life haha! Great post, very funny. Will check your blog xx


    Liked by 1 person

    1. mynameinbold says:

      Thank you! So glad you liked the post, getting older is pretty funny. No shame in staying in when everyone is going out! I love chilling in my warm house with my knitting and The Mindy Project haha. I’ll check out your blog too! X


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