What Got Me Into Blogging?

The other night I went out for an amazing work evening of Thai food and the ballet, and we got talking about my blog and my new YouTube channel. My lovely and talented workmate Deanne (seriously, check out her various music ventures – WHIMIda Lune and Pacific Heights) asked me what got me into blogging, and it made me really think back to the point at which I started my blog and its development over the past two years. As it’s my blog’s second birthday in just over two weeks, it seems like a perfect time to reflect on how this all started, where the blog has been and my plans for its future.

I became obsessed with blogs and the blogger world a few years leading up to my first blog post; everything from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and food blogs. I had a huge list of blogs that I followed religiously, checking in on them every day just in case a new post had been published. I’ve always loved reading, and the then recently popularized format of the written word was so compelling. Digital magazine style articles, but instant, personal and a little rough around the edges. It amazed me how suddenly blogs were the go to place for recipes, advice, style inspiration and travel tips, topics which previously the print world dominated. I wrote blog posts for my work in 2013, so I guess you could say I had a soft start and a little bit of experience, and after a while of reading and observing others, I decided that I wanted to start a blog myself, though it took about six months for me to find the courage to start.

The moment of bravery came when a boy dumped me. Yes, in true Anneke style, my first post was a rant about my boyfriend breaking up with me when all I was expecting was a nice brunch date. I mean, what’s more motivating than a broken heart, ammiright? Ha. But really, it was a foreshadowing of what the blog was to become; a space to express my feelings in a constructive and public way. Alongside my weekly musings, my blog was a motivation journal where I wrote about my weight loss journey in short and relaxed posts. Things were getting started, and for a month I was incredibly productive on this little space. Unfortunately though, the motivated and productive beginnings of my blog were short lived, as my mental health deteriorated and couldn’t face the world in any capacity. My little blog became one of those many things that I had started but never finished, and I really did not expect to connect with it again.

But I did. And I am so proud that I kept this space open, because after a couple of months of treatment for my depression and anxiety I fell in love with writing again and so began a love affair that has barely ceased. Some months have seen a flurry of posts, some months only one or two; but it has been a steady rock during the past two years, an incredible space to use as a constructive outlet for my often scattered thoughts.

It’s changed in its theme depending on my mood and my life at the time. It’s been everything from a motivational and weight loss journal, to a space to share my experiences with mental illness, to random experiments in lifestyle blogging, to a place to pour my heart out about boys and other things. This blog has grown alongside me, and really, it’s become an online journal that a bunch of people happen to read, and that is simply incredible. Once upon a time I didn’t even tell people close to me that I wrote a blog, but eventually I shared it with family, friends and the world. I never set out to gather followers, my whole journey with this blog has just been to create content and to express myself, but the fact that I have managed to connect with so many people is so humbling.

Sure, I don’t have 1 million followers and I don’t get viral views, but it’s not a numbers game for me. I love creating and I love that my followers, you guys, have been so supportive and brilliant. I love it when people message me about my blog connecting with them on a deeper level, I love seeing conversations start in the comments here and over on my Facebook page. I love knowing that even if nothing is said, this blog has had an impact somewhere and to someone. That is one hundred times more important to me than popularity. So, thank you.

What’s next for My Name In Bold? Well, I am pretty sure it will continue the way it is at the moment; posts on my thoughts and feelings, an open discussion on mental health, a bit of advice based off experience, and the occasional lifestyle and random list post thrown in. Of course I want to focus a bit of energy into my YouTube channel and develop a voice there and I also want to get better at blog photography, my writing skills and social media. Essentially, this right now, but better.

That’s the story of this blog and how I got into blogging. I’m looking forward to celebrating My Name In Bold’s second birthday and I also look forward to continuing this journey with you!


PS the profesh style photo was taken by my lovely friend Jackie way back when on our trip to Melbourne #throwback


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