A Fancy Lunch At Shed 5

Every year Wellington holds a city wide food festival called Wellington On a Plate. It’s incredible and being a festival of food, of course I love it. No denying that. Usually, I hit up Burger Wellington (a burger competition across the city’s restaurants) and eat my weight in delicious burgers. Though, I’ve been really  ill recently (another story for another day) so only managed to make it to one, single restaurant to try their special Wellington On a Plate menu. I’m so sad that I only made it to one place for sweet, sweet food! But the place I made it to sure put on an amazing spread, a spread that I photographed to share with you. Because sharing photos of incredible food is definitely caring. ❤

I went with my parents to Shed 5 on the waterfront, which is a very lovely, quite upmarket restaurant in a converted wharf store shed painted in the most glorious blue. I’ve already had great experiences there, and had their WOAP menu last year, so it was a strategic decision to go there as I knew I’d be getting delicious food. It was also an excuse to get glam in the middle of the day and I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo of my outfit, because it was a whole lot more stylish than the old leggings, baggy t-shirt and dressing gown I wore for the next week. Yep.


Anyway, TO THE FOOD.

The Mains

What My Mum Had



Shed 5 Bouillabaisse – roasted tarakihi with prawns, mussels, clams, squid and white bean and bacon cassoulet and a glass of Palliser Estate Chardonnay 2014

Mum thought it was pretty good, but she had a better fish stew at Whitebait for their WOAP offering the week before. She enjoyed the seafood and the flavour of the cassoulet. She also said it wasn’t very filling and some bread would have been a nice extra (but it did mean she had room for dessert). Both Mum and Dad agreed it wasn’t as good as one eaten on their trip to France, once upon a time. I think she liked the wine.

I’m not a huge fan of seafood, so I wouldn’t have picked this dish, but I had a taste of the cassoulet and it tasted just like bacon, which is never a bad thing. I thought it was beautifully presented.

What I Had



Prestons lamb cumin crust fillet with braised neck and swede crepinette with honey carrot and chevre croquette and a glass of Te Kairanga Runholder Pinot Noir 2014

I could never be a critic of anything because I fall in love with everything, but I’ll try my best. This was amazing. The lamb was perfectly cooked and had a strong, cumin crunch with every mouthful. The crepinette was tender and flavoursome, though the casing freaked me out a little. The sauce tied everything together and the chevre croquette was basically deep fried crumbed goats cheese. I mean, I love fried cheese. I loved this.

Dad had some and he said it tasted like cumin. Valid opinion.

The Desserts

What My Mum Had



Tamarillo & apple crumble with vanilla custard, honey oats & coconut, Kapiti apple crumble ice cream

Mum thought this was delicious. Dad asked her if it was the best crumble she’d ever tasted and she said yes. She gave it ten stars.

I had a bite and it was so, so good. Like, so good. Though I am still convinced that I make the best crumble ever. I gave it 8 stars.

What I Had



Whittakers chocolate mousse with star anise custard, Pinot Noir pear gel and Kapiti gingernut ice cream.

I ate a bite of this and nearly cried tears of joy at how good it was. It was stellar. The dark chocolate mousse was balanced so perfectly with the spicy bites of custard and ice cream. The fruity gel added a little bite. There were so many harmonious textures; creamy, soft, crunchy. I WANT TO EAT THIS EVERYDAY. IT WAS AMAZING.

Dad thought it was very rich. Another valuable opinion.

I didn’t take any photos of my Dad’s meal because he didn’t participate in the WOAP menu and had a Dine and Dash special instead, which looked delicious. Next time I won’t leave him out and I’ll have more photos of food.

I’m so hungry.

I really wanted to share this post with you before WOAP ended, but like I mentioned earlier, I was really quite ill and haven’t had the energy to blog. Which is pretty sad. Even though you won’t be able to try this specific menu at Shed 5, they’re still definitely worth a visit if you have a special occasion or are feeling flash. Tasty, beautifully presented food and a fancy but still fairly relaxed vibe. Go, eat, and enjoy!




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