So, I Live In Melbourne Now


Oh man, I left you all hanging for SO LONG.

I feel terrible, because the last time I wrote on this blog I was having a bit of a shit time (to put it incredibly lightly, in reality it was more of a full blown mental breakdown, but I got through it and I’m much happier now – yay!) and then I dropped off the internet. Biggest cliff hanger ever.

Well guys, I’m doing pretty alright. I pulled up my metaphorical socks after having a meltdown regarding my life and my future and then the most wonderful thing in the world happened – I got an offer to study my PhD at the University of Melbourne. CUE CHAMPAGNE AND SPARKLES AND CONFETTI.

But here’s why I didn’t share that news with you (and actually, many people in my life for a long time) – it wasn’t all rainbows and glitter because I didn’t get a scholarship. Talk about a bitter-sweet situation. Taking a PhD position without a scholarship is a pretty big deal, considering most people are receiving some kind of funding. I had to seriously question whether it was the right move for me to take on a 40 hour a week research position and have to work on top of that to survive. It would have been out of the question if I had to pay for my place, but thankfully the Australian Government has my back, so the decision was really about whether I could balance work and study effectively.

I was dwelling on this decision for a while when my parents had a very frank and very wonderful conversation with me. They reminded me that they have always taught me to embrace opportunities with open arms, regardless of any little speed bumps, and this was one big opportunity (and my dream!). And so, with the support of my parents, I accepted my position and made the preparations to move to a whole new city. This included applying for tutor jobs, which I got TWO of! And finding a flat.

I was exceptionally lucky with my flat. I have a long time bestie, Amy, who has been living here while studying for her PhD and miraculously a room came up in her house just before I moved over. I snapped it up in the middle of a different timezone, on Facebook messenger, in a shop, connected to a hotel’s WIFI. Everything finally fell into place.

I moved over here in the middle of February and have been busy eating, exploring and studying for over a month now. I still can’t believe that I live here; I’m living in a beautiful flat with the most fun and relaxed housemates, I have a job to go to and research to get excited about, I get to wake up every day in this incredible city. I feel like I’m living in a dream.

I’m guessing that in time I will feel much more settled and maybe the shine of brunches and donuts and babe-ing buildings will wear off at some point. But for now I’m going to relish in my new city and all the adventures it will bring.




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